When an injury arises, one of the fears many have is a long recovery process. To help prevent this from happening, most patients turn to physical therapy to help them achieve a healthy and full recovery. The best part about this form of treatment is that many methods can be used to help patients throughout this process. If you’ve recently sustained an injury, you can feel confident turning to us at Advance Physical Therapy for help. By choosing one of our physical therapy offices near Bellmore, we will help you make a speedy and full recovery.

Exercises From Our Physical Therapy Offices near Bellmore

Exercise is one of the most common aspects of physical therapy. Rest assured, our physical therapists will not have you perform anything that will place too much stress on the already injured area. After being taught the exercises in our offices, you’ll also be able to perform them at home, meaning you can rehab the injury on your own time.  Benefits of performing physical therapy exercises include:

  • Regain lost strength.
  • Increase your range of motion.
  • Improve your flexibility.

Electrical Stimulation

Depending on the area and severity of the injury, electrical stimulation may also be a helpful tool during your recovery process. Our physical therapist will apply electrodes to the injured area to send controlled pulses. These pulses will stimulate the damaged muscles, which increase their blood flow supply and reteaches them on how to properly contract.

Massage Therapy

Many people associate massages with relaxing days at the spa. However, massages are also a staple in our physical therapy offices near Bellmore. Massage therapy can be the perfect treatment method for muscular based injuries. By using a variety of massage techniques, our physical therapist can decrease the pain and tension in the affected area.

Ice And Heat

Though it may seem rudimentary, the use of ice and heat is one of the most effective ways of treating an injury. Applying ice will reduce pain and limit the inflammation of the injured area. Heating pads will increase circulation and reduce tension. Pairing these two together is the perfect way to speed up your recovery!

Visit Our Physical Therapy Offices near Bellmore Today!

At Advance Physical Therapy, we want to keep all of our patients moving. Injuries can stop anyone in their tracks, but the pain does not have to last. Visiting one of our physical therapy offices near Bellmore will be just what you need to get your activity levels back to what they were before the injury took place. To learn more about how we can help, make sure to contact us today!