download (3)Location and convenience are one of many things to think about when comes time to picking a Physical Therapist.  For example if you are searching for the best physical therapist in Lindenhurst, Advance Physical Therapy along with others may pop up in your search engine.  While Louis Obergh, Owner and Director of Advance PT with locations in Wantagh and Lindenhurst will give you great care and a speedy recovery, be sure with whomever you pick you remember to consider the following:

1.  Who your surgeon recommends:  Now a days many surgeons have an in house PT who happen to see a majority of the surgeons referrals.  While many people are willing to travel 45 minutes for surgery, to travel 45 minutes 3 times a week for 6 weeks may not be realistic.

2.  What type of insurance does the Physical Therapist take:  There are many PT’s out there that take all types of insurance while others may be 100% out of pocket.  Be sure to check with your insurance company.

3.  What type of speciality do you need:  Finding the best PT also depends on what you injury you have or are trying to prevent.  Just because someone you know had great results with one Therapist on their leg injury does not mean they are the best option for your back injury.

4.  What type of therapy style does the PT use:  Some people need and work better with a hands on approach while others gravitate toward a focus on guided exercise.

5.  Who is providing your care:  Will your care be given by a physical therapist or just overseen by one while a therapy aide is doing most of the work.

Picking the right physical therapist for your needs is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Make sure you do your research as it is the first step to a speedy recovery.