Often times when an orthopedic patient has been operated on, they need rehabilitation in order to speed up the recovery process and prevent future injuries in the area that has been operated on. Because physical therapy (PT) implements exercise and conditioning into its programs, PT as part of the rehabilitation process can be extremely beneficial in patients who are trying to regain strength. At Advance Physical Therapy in Queens, we offer orthopedic rehab to patients that have recently undergone surgery.

What should you expect at your initial post-op rehab appointment?

  • Your physical therapist will most likely assess your range of motion to see what needs improvement.
  • Wear loose fitted clothing so that the doctor has access to the affected area(s).
  • Expect to be asked about your full medical history.
  • If you were given a brace, make sure to bring that with you.

If you are one of the many people that have received a joint replacement, your recovery is crucial. Most of the time, you will begin exercising the joint the following day. Most likely, you will begin with completing basic exercises to gradually build up your mobility and strength. Your physical therapist will help you exercise the joint and will tell you if and how to exercise at home. If you’ve recently undergone this type of surgery, contact us here for physical therapy in Queens.

Are you an athlete?

It’s important to understand all of the risks of the surgery before you go through with the operation so that you know what to expect in a worst-case scenario. With that being said, sometimes surgery may mean that you are no longer able to participate in your sport. Other times, you can get back to playing your sport after your doctor has cleared you and given you the “OK.” Advance PT offers sports rehab physical therapy in Queens in the case that you need to rehabilitate a muscle or joint for a specific sport.

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