After a long cold winter, it’s finally spring! Time to take out the clubs and hit the golf course. Golf is a great spring and summertime sport that’s one of the most popular in the country today. Before you get your caddy and go out on the green, there are some things to think about. The average golfer who plays recreationally on weekends can easily develop problems from poor swing mechanics, overuse, and inferior conditioning. You may think you’re ready for golf, but it’s important double check before you cause an injury mid-round.

As far as swing goes, it is important to make sure you rotate your hips and shoulders in unison. By doing this you prevent hyperextending your spine in ways that could potentially cause injury. Make sure you have the appropriate equipment for your skill level so you’re not putting any extra strain on your body. Although you may have been playing the sport for years, it’s always a good idea to take a warm up lesson when coming back into the season from the winter. This could include sharpening up your skills and going over mechanics with a pro.

Proper warm ups and stretches are always very important no matter what exercise you’re doing. For golf particularly, you want to focus on strengthening our core and spine, and forearm strength will also help you keep your numbers on the course down. You may want to take a nice walk and warm up your body before you play 18 holes. By taking care of yourself you’ll be able to healthily and happily play the game for many years to come!


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