When you sustain an ankle injury, you lose mobility and flexibility in the joints of the ankle. Along with limited mobility in the ankle comes pain when walking or doing activities. To restore mobility in the ankle joint, ankle mobilization exercises may be helpful. Patients who have had ankle mobilization treatments done have said that their pain has decreased in the ankle, and range of movement has increased. Advance PT specializes in ankle mobilization and is here to provide patients with their medical needs. For more information about physical therapy Erie County, NY schedule an appointment with us.

What is Ankle Mobilization Treatment?

Ankle mobilization treatment is a specific treatment for patients with limited movement in the ankle. It focuses on using exercises to improve range of motion, ankle function, and to alleviate pain. Mobilization treatment tries to restore the ankle to a normal joint motion for the patient. Typically patients with ankle sprains, ankle stiffness, and ankle instability benefit from this treatment the most as it reduces pain and improves functions of the ankle joint.

Benefits of Treatment

When looking for treatments to heal injuries with your ankle, it’s important to know the benefits that come with the treatment. Ankle mobilization treatments serve many benefits to patients and have shown significant improvement from self-recovery and other treatments. Here’s a list of benefits of mobilization treatment:

  • Reduced levels of pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved functions of joints
  • Improved ankle stabilization

Process of Treatment  

Patients who decided to do ankle mobilization treatment should expect to do activities in sessions of physical therapy Erie County, NY. During the therapy session, the specialist will first perform a test on your ankle to determine the full mobility. After the assessment, you most likely will be given a gait belt to practice exercise in. A gait belt is a resistance belt or band that is around the patient’s legs and flexes the ankle into the normal positioning. After a few sessions, the patient’s ankle will improve.

Advance Physical Therapy Erie County, NY

Advance PT is here to provide you with the best customer service for your medical needs. Our staff’s priority is to make sure that your injuries are dealt with and questions are answered. We want you to feel comfortable and want you to live a healthy life.  Advance PT offers ankle mobilization treatments and is here to provide patients with their medical needs. For more information about physical therapy Erie County, NY, schedule an appointment with us.