Have you recently been experiencing shoulder problems or have experienced a blunt force in this area? Has it become painful or difficult to move? There is a chance you have suffered from a shoulder labrum tear. At Advance Physical Therapy, we specialize in the recovery process for these types of injuries. If you are seeking a physical therapist near West Babylon we can help correct the issue and get you back to feeling pain-free.

Cause of Labrum Tears:

When looking at labrum tears in the shoulder, there are usually three primary culprits that lead to this injury. If you suspect any of the below three reasons have caused you to experience a tear, a visit with a physical therapist near West Babylon may be in your future:

  • Overuse: This usually occurs when the same motion is repeated over and over again, often as the result of actions such as pitching a baseball. The repeated overhead motion of your shoulder can lead to a tear occurring.
  • Injury: Blunt force placed on the shoulder can also lead to the possibility of a tear occurring. Actions such as being involved in a car accident or experiencing a fall and landing on your shoulder are two examples of this occurrence.
  • Wear And Tear: Shoulder labrum tears become more common in people over the age of forty. Think of your labrum like the tires on your car. After extended periods of use, they begin to get worn down and are more susceptible to damage. The same is true of your labrum which is used for several daily functions.

Shoulder Labrum Tear Symptoms:

At times, it can be arduous to differentiate everyday pain and discomfort from a serious medical condition. Our team wants to help you make this distinction when it comes to your shoulder. Encountering the following symptoms could indicate that a shoulder labrum tear may have occurred:

  • Loss of strength and range of motion.
  • A catching, locking, popping, or grinding feeling in the shoulder.
  • Feelings of shoulder instability.

How Is This Treated?

A tear such as this one is not something that will fix itself on its own with just rest.  Depending on the severity of the tear, different methods of treatment will prove most effective. In less severe cases, a visit with a physical therapist near West Babylon, can be all that is necessary. By coming in and working with our specialists, you will be tasked with performing specific stretches and exercises aimed at strengthening the damaged area.  Should therapy on its own may not be enough, the next course of action will likely be surgery. The necessary option will depend on the tear itself, as well as your physical activity levels. Even after undergoing surgery, you’ll still need to go through physical therapy to help regain the strength and range of motion that was lost.

Advance Physical Therapy : Physical Therapist near West Babylon

There is no need to live with shoulder pain if you can locate a physical therapist who can provide quality treatment. Even if you have suffered from a torn labrum, the team at Advance Physical Therapy can help you make a safe and speedy recovery.  Don’t wait to contact us so you can schedule your first appointment for orthopedic therapy in Bethpage today!