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Knee replacement surgery is performed on people who have severe knee damage. This surgery can help relieve pain normally caused by osteoarthritis. Knee replacement surgery helps people become more active since many people who receive this surgery have problems walking, climbing stairs, and even getting in and out of chairs. If you recently have had a knee replacement and are in need of physical therapy in Nassau County, contact Advance Physical Therapy today.

Physical Therapy in Nassau County:

Physical therapy is an essential part of rehabilitation and the recovery process. Our therapists will first evaluate your status in order to come up with the right personalized treatment plan for you. Then, you will be walked through a series of exercises that will help increase blood flow and improve movement in your legs and feet. Additionally, you may be shown proper use of your walker or crutches to prevent further injury from occurring. After each physical therapy session, you will always end with ice to combat any pain and inflammation. Treatment will be done a few times a week to make sure you are improving and strengthening your knee the right way.


During physical therapy, our therapist will provide you with exercises and stretches that will help strengthen your knee. Some exercises may include:

  • Standing knee bends: While already standing up, gently bend and flex your knee.
  • Assisted knee bends: These are most effective while sitting in a chair or bedside so that your quadriceps are supported.
  • Knee exercises with resistance: Our physical therapist may have you use a resistance band around your foot and complete a variety of exercises such as knee bends or leg lifts.
  • Stationary bicycle riding: We recommend riding for approximately 20 minutes per day.
  • Go for a walk every day: We recommend walking for a short period of time to increase mobility.
  • Leg Lifts: These can be performed while laying in bed or sitting in a chair.
  • Ankle Pumps: Continue pointing and flexing your ankle for 2-3 minutes several times a day to diminish ankle swelling.

How We Can Help:

At Advance Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are well versed in post-knee replacement rehabilitation. We can help create a treatment plan to speed up your recovery and get you back to living a normal life. If you recently have had a knee replacement surgery and are seeking physical therapy in Nassau County, contact Advance Physical Therapy today!