When there is a pectoral injury on the body, that means that a muscle ruptures, and you will have sudden severe pain and a tearing sensation in the chest. There is also a chance that you can have pain in the upper arm, weakness, and bruising. At Advance Physical Therapy on Amherst Street, we want to make sure we are providing you with the best rehab possible. 

It is essential to have even a minor strain treated by a physical therapist as minor strains can reoccur. Major tears may require a decision involving surgical treatment and post-surgery rehabilitation for you to return to your everyday activities.

Symptoms of Injured Pectoral: Physical Therapy on Amherst Street

  • Pain (can be sharp or dull) 
  • Swelling
  • Muscle spasms 
  • Difficulty moving that specific area
  • Pain while breathing 
  • Bruising 


When it comes to deciding on how you want to treat your injury before it is diagnosed, it is important to follow through with the RICE treatment, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If you are required to have surgery, then after three to four weeks, you should be able to have a slight range of motion that is assisted; after six weeks, that is when you can start with an unassisted range of motion. 

If you do not require surgery, then you will most likely have to wear a sling anywhere from four to eight weeks. Depending on what grade your tear is, we will know when to start physical therapy.

 If it is a grade I tear, then you can start rehab seven days after the injury. Grade II strains require more rest and immobilization, so Physical Therapy will start three to four weeks after surgery. Grade III strains need a bit more rest, so you will begin physical therapy after six weeks, and if you have surgery, you may start two weeks after surgery. 

Contact Advance Physical Therapy on Amherst Street

Various treatments can help your injured pectoral, depending on your function. Some exercises include a range of motion, strengthening exercises, endurance exercises, and plyometrics.  Contact us at Advanced Physical Therapy on Amherst Street; we want to ensure we provide you with the best rehab possible. Our team will evaluate your injury and determine the next best steps. We will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve your goals of recovery.