Choosing the right lifestyle isn’t always easy, as many of us know, as it takes a lot of time and commitment to get accustomed to new routines and can take months to start seeing results. However, at the end of each and every day, the rewards of developing a new practice can be life changing and often well worth the time. One ancient practice that continues to grow in popularity today is physical therapy. The benefits of running and exercising with proper footwear are overwhelmingly positive both mentally and psychologically.

Runners expect to defeat personal records and reach goals of new distances after months of training, not to hear from a physical therapist that cannot run for six weeks. Unfortunately, this is exactly what many runners are told by physical therapists due to wearing ill-fitting or uncomfortable sneakers.

It is extremely crucial to avoid injury such as blisters and joint pain. In order to prevent these injuries, picking the proper type of running shoes are important  for the exercise as well as the individual’s feet. With so much different types of shoes in today’s market, it may seem unreasonable and very expensive to buy different shoes for each activity you participate in, but  luckily today manufacturers look at the specifics of each sport when they design their shoes.

Running is the best form of exercise for calorie burning and working multiple muscles in the body. Without proper sneakers, you might be defeating the whole purpose of the exercise. There is a wide range of sneakers for people with different shapes and sizes of feet, such as flat feet, high-arched feet, or even neutral feet. Recovering from an injury such as running often takes as much mental stamina as it does physical strength. While it might seem like a death sentence for a dedicated runner to not be able to tie up their shoes and go for a run, stopping running altogether is the first step in the recovery process and unfortunately the only solution for certain injuries.

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