download (1)Spring-cleaning: some of us look forward to it, some of us don’t. Whether you’re skipping work to start the process or leaving it until the weekend, spring-cleaning is a necessary task that helps us organize and manage our lives. It might take us a few hours, or it could take us a few days. No matter how much time we intend to spend digging through closets and under beds, it’s important to take some preparatory measures for our sanity and physical health.

Firstly, get your supplies in check before you unleash the mess hiding in the corners and crevices of your home. Make sure you have paper towels or rags, cleaning fluids, garbage bags, and organizing containers. The last on the list is often the most important. As we empty our closets and clear our shelves, we begin to realize that we are unprepared to relocate the items we don’t intend to discard. Having a plan for placement makes the whole cleaning process smoother and less stressful.

Though it might not seem intuitive, proper attire is another important consideration for spring-cleaning. Opt for your workout shoes and form fitting garments. The energy you will use room after room is likely to take a toll on your body, remember to open your windows to let in some fresh air and lower the temperature of your home. Open windows will also help you deal with the dust that is likely to be found, and allergy medication might be a necessary measure for some individuals.

Just as you should dress for a workout, remember to treat your efforts as a workout. Be careful when lifting heavy boxes or objects, and don’t hesitate to ask a family member or friend for help. Remember: lift with your legs, not your back. Be wary of remaining hunched over for too long- this will be extremely taxing on your neck and back. You should even stretch before you begin cleaning, and set a timer that will remind you take breaks to re-hydrate, refuel, and give your body a chance to relax.

The best tip to keep in mind: it doesn’t all have to be done in one day. Don’t over-stress your body and mind by trying to tackle the entire house at once. The best part about spring-cleaning is that you have the whole season to do it!