Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY

Lower back pain is a common complaint from people of all ages, and physical therapy can be a great alternative to treating lower back pain without the need of surgery or pain medication. Physical therapy can also be effective, and in most times a requirement, for pre and post surgical rehabilita316046269_1280x720tion. Advance Physical Therapy has three locations in Wantagh, Valley Stream, and Lindenhurst, convenient for residents of both Nassau and Suffolk counties, and one location in Astoria, Queens. Advance Physical Therapy is dedicated to a “one-on-one” approach while focusing on your individualized needs and goals.

Advance Physical Therapy can provide a number of rehab services for both acute and chronic lower back pain. Acute lower back pain can last for a few days to a few weeks, mainly due to a sudden injury or accident, and is caused by muscle spasms or a strain or tear in the muscles or ligaments. Chronic pain, however, can be persistent either during or after an injury heals, or can be the result of a chronic back condition such as degenerative disc disease or spinal stenosis. Chronic benign pain may also occur even without an injury as the nervous system may be sending pain signals without any source.

There can be treatment for both acute and chronic lower back pain before considering a risky surgery or pain medications that can bring a host of side effects. The physical therapists at Advance Physical Therapy will prescribe back exercises to you based on your own personalized needs and ability. The program will usually include a combination of strengthening, mobility, and stretching exercises, and may also include other alternative methods such as heat and ice therapy, aquatic therapy, or massage therapy.

Did you know that you have Direct Access to Physical Therapy? No referral is needed. We offer the best Physical Therapy on Long Island where you can get help from our trusted and expert Physical Therapists. We have several locations on Long Island including Massapequa, Valley Stream, Wantagh and Lindenhurst. To start your Physical Therapy evaluation, call Advance Physical Therapy and The Physical Therapy Alliance at (516) 568-4444.