Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY

In the summer, many people begin to get more active than they usually are all year. Whether they are inspired by the beautiful weather or they are motivated to maintain their beach body, the desire to getting active is important is the first step. Prior to beginning any sort of fitness program, having a fitness evaluation is an effective way of understanding the current status of your body. No matter how young or old, before embarking on a new physical fitness routine, have your fitness professionally evaluated.

Fitness evaluations help you determine what activities you are capable of based on the condition of your muscles and cardiac health.This will allow you to know what level of intensity you should be starting your program at, so that you don’t over do it or on the contrary  have a lesser workout than you’re capable.

It is important to have a strategic baseline intensity because if is too high you may be discouraged and will discontinue working out. You also may open yourself up to a potential injury when trying to complete an activity out of your current skill set. Having a fitness evaluation done will also allow you to be able to set goals; it will show you where you are currently at so then you can determine where you want to be at in the upcoming months. Fitness evaluations also can help find out of you may have any medical ailments that you are suffering that you are not aware of so that they may be addressed properly.  

Fitness evaluations are always a great way to start a fitness program; they have many health benefits and can help you learn a lot about yourself. Fitness evaluations are the absolute best way to begin a fitness program and should be done by everyone