Let’s face it: most work in New York is entirely sedentary. The state apparently is fueled by paperwork and emails leaving us with little time and incentive to improve our own physical health. It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day, but forgetting about your physical health could lead to anything from fatigue to organ damage. This is why wellness programs are becoming more and more commonplace in employee care packages.

The basic principles of a wellness program are to assist employees in curbing bad habits or any other problems that may arise from their mode of life. For instance, there are wellness programs offered to assist employees with quitting smoking and some that teach exercise routines and dietary planning. As far as classification is concerned wellness programs are a broad genre of physical therapy, which makes it easier to apply over a larger spectrum of issues.

If your company has a wellness program be warned as they often are too expensive for companies to manage and as a result lessen the overall quality of the program and work environment. Enrolling in an off-site wellness program allows for a more flexible assessment of specific problems you may have and a more incisive method to resolve them. If you’re a New Yorker living near Astoria, Valley Stream, Lindenhurst, or Wantagh try out Advance Physical Therapy’s wellness program. Offering a wide and adaptable selection of routines and guidance to suit your issues, Advance Physical Therapy can assist you without fitting you into a preset mold of issues and applying cookie-cutter routines.