Thanksgiving is not only a time to give thanks for those around us, but also for our health. With the holidays upon us, it can be a challenge to remember to stay healthy and fit through all the business of cooking, shopping, and celebrating. On Thanksgiving, some may spend the day on the couch watching football, standing in the kitchen cooking, or outside playing with friends and family. Whatever you choose to do that day, make sure you make it a pain-free holiday.


Some of the activities you engage in this Thanksgiving may not be an outdoor sport. You may be standing in front of a hot stove for hours preparing a delicious meal for your family. Standing for long periods of time can be strenuous on your back and legs. Be sure to stand on a padded surface with your hips even to ensure your weight is evenly distributed on each leg. Try to take a break every 30 minutes by sitting down. You can have Aunt Mary stir the gravy or ask Uncle Jack to mash the potatoes. Have your cousin Mike get off the couch and lift the heavy turkey out of the oven for you. Make everyone a part of the meal to both relieve the stress on your body and engaging them in the cooking process.


While cooking, be careful of some of the many hazards of preparing a meal with lots of people around. Make sure everyone knows who has a knife out, and everyone who is using one, knows proper knife etiquette. Many knife injuries happen as a result of someone bumping into a person that is trying to cut something, causing the knife to slip. Properly sharpened knives are also important to preventing injury. If the knife isn’t sharp enough, don’t force it. You may slip and lose a finger or severe a tendon in the hand. Make sure whatever you are cutting is on a dry surface and properly secured to prevent slippage.


If your family can get a little rowdy, then there may be a broken glass or two by the end of the day. If you can help it, do not pick up broken glass with bare hands. Find tools like tongs or rubber gloves to pick up large pieces. Dust busters or small vacuums can pick up most of the rest of the pieces, but it is recommended to use a wet sponge to wipe up small shards of glass. When doing the dishes, remember that wet plates can be hard to hold and a sink full of suds may mask any broken dishes. If someone is cut, apply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth to help stop the bleeding. Seek medical help if the bleeding doesn’t stop after 15 minutes, or if the person experiences tingling or numbness.

Even through all the celebrating, accidents happen. Do your best to have fun as well as be safe. You will be thankful for it afterwards! Happy Thanksgiving!