Do you suffer from dizziness, vertigo, or disorientation? You may be experiencing a balance-related disorder. Many people around the nation have difficulty maintaining their balance when standing or even lying down. That is where vestibular therapy can come in to help. If you find it difficult to maintain your balance and need vestibular therapy Wantagh, NY, then Advance Physical Therapy can help you with your balance. We work hard to ensure that you find your balance. Balance issues don’t have to hold you back any longer.

How Do Physical Therapists Use Vestibular Therapy?

You should consult a physical therapist for vestibular therapy, as they will be able to analyze your symptoms and determine the best course of action. Physical therapists will often customize a vestibular therapy plan for patients based on various factors, including:

  • Leg stability
  • Gait (how you walk)
  • Visual stability & mobility
  • Neck mobility & arm strength
  • Other kinds of testing, such as an inner ear exam

All of these factors combined will help your physical therapist create a vestibular therapy plan that works for you, including exercises selected to help your specific balance issues. Each plan is unique to every individual. If you’re living with a balance-related disorder, you may be asking yourself, “What types of exercises will I be doing in my treatment?” Types of exercises that your physical therapist may use in your therapy regimen include:

  • Posture training
  • Balance retention
  • Walking exercises
  • Neck stretching/mobility
  • Vision stability
  • Other general fitness exercises

After you and your physical therapist establish your program for therapy, you will continue meeting with your physical therapist to treat your balance issues with the proper exercises. At Advance Physical Therapy, we will provide the vestibular therapy Wantagh, NY can trust!

Vestibular Therapy Wantagh, NY

Suffering from dizziness, disorientation, or vertigo is nothing to take for granted. We want you to find relief for your balance issues because they can make every-day life hard to go through. We at Advance Physical Therapy take pride in helping our patients with balance issues and want to help you with yours! Please visit our website to find out more about our vestibular therapy Wantagh, NY. We look forward to helping you find your balance.