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When it comes to staying loose and limber, there are few better ways to achieve this than daily stretching. However, there are ways to advance stretching, as well. At Advance Physical Therapy, our team highly recommends utilizing resistance bands to achieve this goal. To learn about the benefits of doing so and the types of stretches that can be performed with these bands, please schedule an appointment via our contact page.

The Benefits Of Resistance Bands

If you’ve never used resistance bands to help stretching before, you’re likely a bit hesitant to invest in them. However, missing out on using them can be a big mistake. Our team at Advance Physical Therapy understands this, which is why we want to let you in on the benefits of using them. These benefits can include the following:

  • Increasing the versatility of the exercises you can perform.
  • Improves muscle engagement.
  • They are incredibly portable.
  • They help to stabilize your flexor muscles.
  • Enhances balance and flexibility.

Stretches You Can Perform

As previously mentioned, one of the significant benefits of using resistance bands is that there are a variety of stretches you can utilize them for when exercising. They can both increase your flexibility while also improving your strength. At Advance Physical Therapy, we use resistance bands to help our patients. However, you can also purchase them and use them at your own home. Below are just some of the stretches these bands can be used for:

  • Hamstring stretch.
  • Inner thigh stretch.
  • Lying hip stretch.
  • Upper back stretch.
  • Chest stretch.
  • Side stretch.

Preventative Care

Although resistance bands are great for stretching, they can also be used as preventative care. When your body muscles are weak and untrained, it becomes easy to suffer from an injury. Stretching with resistance bands can help with this issue. Doing daily stretches with these bands will help you increase strength and improve overall function, in turn working to prevent injuries from taking place. That is just another reason our teams recommend using them.

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Here at Advance Physical Therapy, our primary goal is to help patients stay as healthy as possible. If you’re interested in enhancing your daily stretches, contact us today. The benefits of using them speak for themselves. If you have any questions and would like to learn more about why to purchase your resistance bands, contact us today.