Virtual Physical Therapy Care

Due to unprecedented times, some of our patients may not feel safe or comfortable leaving their homes for their in-person appointments with us at Advance Physical Therapy. Thankfully, due to a recent notification, we can give care our patients need in the comfort of their own home with telemedicine appointments. If you are seeking physical therapy in Buffalo, NY, and need to schedule a telemedicine appointment, contact us today at Advanced PT. Our trained therapists are ready to virtually help you get back on the path to recovery.

What is Virtual Physical Therapy? 

Virtual physical therapy helps us bridge the gap. It is no secret that there are a lot of reasons why people can’t access physical therapy such as: 

  • Lack of therapists especially in rural areas.
  • Strict limits of the number of visits.
  • High-copays.
  • Unable to travel outside of their home.

Virtual physical therapy in Buffalo, NY allows our trained therapists to directly communicate with their patients through communication technologies. A recent notification has allowed medical practices to use communications apps such as: 

  • Skype 
  • FB Messenger 
  • Facetime 

Apps such as Instagram, FB live, and Tik Tok are not accepted because they are public-facing. 

How Effective is Virtual Physical Therapy in Buffalo, NY?

The main takeaway about virtual physical therapy is that it can help people recover, especially after intensive surgery such as knee replacement. This gives therapists more time to see their patients thus reducing cost and saving everyone money including you. 

Patients who can’t travel outside of their homes benefit greatly because it gives them access to care. People who underwent surgery and are unable to drive are given access to care and can perform and engage with their routines right at home. 

Keep in mind, that virtual physical therapy isn’t the only solution for your rehabilitation. There are circumstances where in-person physical therapy is more suited for stretches and other manual therapy. Nonetheless, virtual physical therapy can play a role in many people’s rehabilitation. 

Contact Us For Physical Therapy in Buffalo, NY

Don’t let unforeseen circumstances prevent you from recovering. Contact us today if you’re seeking physical therapy in Buffalo NY. Our trained therapists are ready to assess the issue and develop a treatment plan that is right for you! Schedule your telemedicine appointment today!