Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst

At Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria, New York we do our best to help our patients deal with even the most unpredictable pains. With summer approaching we are aware that we will have patients coming in complaining of joint pain. No, this isn’t just a random ache, it is actually related to the weather! In Astoria, the physical therapists focus on alleviating as much pain as possible for patients with arthritis who are suffering from changes in the weather. Arthritis is a very common disease that causes symptoms in the joints such as

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Lack of range of motion

We have the best physical therapists in Astoria who work with patients on how to control arthritis pain and teach them techniques on how they can prevent weather pain. Barometric pressure is the reasoning behind these so called weather pains. Changes in the pressure on earth’s surface (which results in higher and lower temperatures) are the leading cause for the reasons patients to feel pain in their joints on a humid, rainy, hot or cold day. Scientifically speaking, we are not sure why weather has any relation to joint pain however, here in Astoria we still do our best at helping to ease any joint pain problems. Some tips our physical therapists in Astoria can recommend to decrease joint pain due to weather changes are

  • Exercise indoors
  • Take Vitamin D as a supplement
  • Get a massage
  • Try Acupuncture
  • Dress appropriately for the temperature
  • Keep Hydrated
  • Wear Layers
  • Lose Weight
  • Pain Cream

Here in Astoria, we find that these tricks can help to alleviate pain found in patients who have arthritis and suffer from weather pains. So remember, on those days that you see the weather report as rainy, humid, or cold make sure that you dress warmly, try exercising indoors, and any of the other techniques that our physical therapists, at Advance PT in Astoria recommend.