Back pain is more than capable of ruining your day. Yet you still have to ask the question, when is it bad enough to see a doctor? At Advance Physical Therapy, we are always here if you want to ask questions about your pain. You can also visit our office for low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo if you need a quick checkup. Read below to learn more about when you should see your doctor and what back pain could mean for you.


The general rule for visiting a doctor about lower back pain is if it’s intense or doesn’t go away after three days. Most back pain will go away by itself, but if it stays around or is painful enough that you have trouble sleeping, it’s worth visiting a doctor’s office to see what’s wrong. The checkup for your back should be relatively quick and easy, allowing you to get results within the day.

What to Expect

Once you’ve decided to go to the doctor’s office about your pain, what should you expect? The doctor will ask questions about your pain and have you move around so they can see what is bothering you. At our low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo, we will also run numerous tests to help diagnose your injury. 

  • CT Scans – Checks your bone health along with disk, tissue, and muscle damage.
  • Xrays – Helps find arthritis or bones damaged by fractures or broken bones.
  • Electromyography – This shows if you have pinched or compressed nerves near your spine.
  • Blood Tests – This is to see if there’s an infection that could be causing back pain.

Treatment for Back Pain

If you’ve been diagnosed with an injury or illness that’s affecting your back, then there are numerous treatments that may follow. Listed below are some of the most common treatments for back pain:

  • Muscle Relaxants – These are prescribed if your back pain occurs alongside muscle spasms. These relax the muscles, which should stop any spasming that could have been irritating other muscles nearby.
  • Medication – Many back pains are capable of being relieved by anti-inflammatory medicine. This medication helps stop inflamed muscles from being painful and allows the body to heal any damage that occurred.
  • Steroid Injections – This treatment is reserved for patients whose back pain results from a pinched or damaged nerve. The steroid will dull the pain and reduce any inflammation around the nerves area.
  • Surgery – This is only used for the most severe of back pain problems. Typically structural issues or injuries that can’t be solved through non-surgical means need surgery in order to heal.

Visit our Low Back Pain Physical Therapy in Buffalo

If you’re suffering from back pain, consider contacting our office of low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo. We have professionals experienced in dealing with many different types of back pain and capable of delivering the highest level of customer care. We have specialized equipment designed to help during advanced treatments and are more than capable of treating your pain.