Is your arthritis acting up again? There’s a good chance that it’s due to the weather.  Affecting more than 50 million Americans, arthritis is a painful condition that seemingly gets worse during the winter months. And surprisingly enough, it’s actually the change in barometric pressure, and not the frigid temperatures, that some doctors think is the cause of the increase in symptoms.  Here at Advance Physical Therapy near Hewlett, our number one concern is our patient’s health. So as the winter season rapidly approaches, here are 4 tips to manage your arthritis.

Winter Tips to Manage Arthritis

  1. Low-impact exercise: Make sure you stay active. As the days become colder and darker, it’s easy to put off exercising. As a great way of decreasing stiffness and pain, however, any type of low-level exercise is a must.  Some options include: signing up for the gym, swimming, walking, doing chores, stretching, taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator, and various aerobic classes.
  2. Dress Warmly!  Bundle up this winter by dressing in multiple layers. Protecting your joints from the cold is extremely important. Wear warm gloves and thick socks as your extremities are a frequent source of arthritic pain.
  3. Drink Lots of Water: If you’re dehydrated, you actually become more sensitive to pain. It’s recommended that you drink 13 cups of water for men and 9 for women.  For a list of everyone’s recommended water intake, click here.
  4. Take daily supplements: According to the Arthritis Foundation, taking 2.6 grams of fish oil pills twice a day is a great way to reduce arthritic inflammation. Stocking up on vitamin D is also recommended as it can reduce sensitivity to pain.  

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