Throughout a woman’s life, there are many significant health events that can influence and affect their long term well-being. These health events are often uniquely feminine and can influence both their physical and mental well-being. Women are often key in maintaining not only their own health, but managing the health of their family household as well. As a result of, or perhaps in addition to, that fact, it has been shown that women access their health system more often than their male counterparts. This could be for themselves, their children, or other members of their family and friends.

Renewed Confidence For Women at Any Stage of Life

Playing such an important role in the overall health of their social circles, it’s important that women are able to access focused and effective treatment options that cater to their specific needs as a woman. The types of conditions that they often seek out treatment for are not shared by men, and are often intimate and somewhat uncomfortable to talk discuss, especially when the provider is a man, himself. This dichotomy in healthcare needs has provided Advance PT a great opportunity to expand our services, while at the same time providing a comfortable, discreet healthcare environment in which women can feel at ease discussing otherwise uncomfortable and intimate topics. Our innovative approach allows our providers to connect with patients of the same gender and provide them with the supportive, effective, and one-on-one approach that our clients have come to expect.

Our mission in providing Physical Therapy for Women’s Health is to create a peaceful and supportive environment where women can feel comfortable discussing their health concerns and to improve the quality of life for all women who come to us in search for relief. We have created an environment that provides better quality of care for issues that are all too often misunderstood by the larger medical community and that are specific to woman. This type of treatment plan translates into a faster and more effective recovery, both physically and emotionally. We specialize in helping women who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, and incontinence. A woman’s pelvis goes through a lot throughout her life so it should come as no surprise that maintaining a strong and healthy pelvic floor may require some extra work and physical therapy. Our primary objective is to help you to understand your condition and it’s causes, then we can guide you through manual therapy and exercises to aid in your recovery. Our goal is to teach you the most effective therapeutic exercises relative to your specific needs, and put togetheran at-home program specifically for you and your circumstances that will help speed up your recovery and help you find long lasting relief.

Don’t Suffer in Silence A Single Day Longer

Our specially trained healthcare team understands these challenges and has unparalleled experience helping women find relief and recovery from these intimate issues and many more. This is a program made for women, by women, and our team is commited to this special gender-specific approach to healthcare and recovery. Our one-on-one approach provides us with an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding into each woman’s needs and combined with an in-depth musculoskeletal evaluation, will result in a PT plan that is specific to you, your health status, your medical history, and your desired outcomes.

Our team is committed to your recovery, come see the difference of this innovative and exciting new approach to healing.


Advance PT is here to help every woman find relief and take back control of her body. We look forward to working with you!