When dealing with pain relief, there are several options to consider. There’s physical therapy, which is one of the main stops on the way to relief. Beyond that, however, are some options that are more dangerous such as surgery or drugs. The average person would prefer to avoid these routes, which is why laser therapy is an excellent route to take. Laser therapy with K-laser is drug and surgery free, and proven to promote muscle and tissue growth. Laser therapy is virtually risk free, with no side effects or addictive properties.

Laser treatment expands the flow of nutrients to the inflicted area. This reduces pain and inflammation, brings down swelling, as well as lessening stiffness and muscle spasms, all the while encouraging healing. The benefits outweigh the virtually nonexistent consequences, as opposed to surgery and drug related treatment. Research has confirmed that injuries heal faster as well as proving laser therapy as a successful method of relieving pain syndromes.

There is little to no pain during treatment with Laser Therapy. There is occasionally a slight warm or tingling feeling. As far as side effects go, very few have presented in over 20 years of  worldwide usage of K-Laser. Older, existing injuries can possibly be bothered due to the accelerated healing brought about by Laser Therapy. Treatment is fast, the typical treatment is under 10 minutes, and can be done in as little as 3 minutes. Laser Therapy can be combined with many other forms of treatment. It can be incorporated alongside physical therapy, massages, or even after surgery. Laser Therapy corresponds with other treatments to promote an even more successful healing environment. Park Physical Therapy has the Lite Cure 25 Watt laser as does our Lindenhurst location and our Wantagh location has the K-laser.


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