Shoulder Pain Treatment on Long Island

The shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint that is constantly mobile. Aside from the many ligaments in the shoulder, it is primarily made up of the humerus, the scapula, and the clavicle bones. Since the shoulder is so mobile and less stable, injuries and pain in the shoulder are common. The most common causes of shoulder pain include poor posture, arthritis, and repetitive overhead reaching. If you’re looking for shoulder pain treatment, then you should consider physical therapy.

Shoulder pain can happen at anytime. Some cases of shoulder pain include trauma such as car accidents or severe falls. Other cases of shoulder pain could happen in sports that require you to reach overhead. This includes baseball, tennis, and swimming.

Different types of shoulder pain include rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder, and shoulder fracture. Sometimes, shoulder pain can occur out of nowhere and for no reason. For most cases, shoulder pain can be treated with ice. If the pain in your shoulder is severe, then it should be treated immediately.

A physical therapist can help evaluate and treat any pain in your shoulder. Your physical therapist may ask you questions about the pain in your shoulder. Your therapist may also use a device to measure the mobility and strength in your shoulder called a goniometer. After determining the status of your shoulder, your therapist will begin treatment. This includes having you perform therapeutic activities and exercises in order to regain the strength back in your shoulder. On top of this, you may also have to do home exercises to improve mobility in your shoulder such as pendulum stretches, cross-body reach, and other rotation exercises.

Most cases of shoulder pain typically heal within 4-8 weeks with noticeable improvement coming after the first two. If you are looking to treat your shoulder pain and regain shoulder mobility, Advance PT would be more than happy to accommodate your physical therapy concerns. Schedule an appointment today!