The McKenzie Method has been effectively treating individuals with pain in their spine and extremities for more than 30 years. Another benefit of choosing this form of treatment for your ailments is its cost effectiveness, as opposed to receiving an MRI.

  • The McKenzie Method is comprised of four steps; assessment, clarification, treatment, and prevention.
  • Assessment: This type of assessment is different than other assessments due to the repetition of specific movements rather than performing it just once.
  • Your physical therapist uses the information they’ve learned through various range of motion exercises. As a result of doing repeated movements, your physical therapist can note specific changes in order  to better diagnose the issue.  
  • Clarification: Your condition will then be treated by using one of three techniques: Sustained Postures, Specific Mechanical Procedures, and Repeated Movements.
  • Treatment: No matter what exercises are used, the goal for anyone using the McKenzie Method is to improve in the least amount of sessions.
  • The philosophy of this method is that doing these exercises multiple times a day by yourself, it will help you recover at a faster rate than doing them once or twice a week at physical therapy.
  • Prevention: As your condition improves, you will also learn what preventative measure you can take to avoid re-injury.

In addition to knowing how the McKenzie Method works, it is also helpful to determine if you require this type of treatment. On top of self-management, self-help books on this method have also been proven to be beneficial. If you are currently suffering from any of the below mentioned conditions, you could benefit from the McKenzie Method.

  • Discomfort that originates in your back/neck and continues to the shoulders/buttocks.
  • A feeling of numbness in either your hands or feet.
  • Pain in your lower back that is preventing you from bending with ease.
  • Suffering from sciatica as well as arthritic pain in your upper body.

Astoria Mckenzie Certified Physical Therapist