Orthopedic rehabilitation is a necessary step in reestablishing your full motion and strength following an orthopedic surgery or injury. Orthopedic injuries are very common and most people will experience multiple throughout a lifetime.

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation treats a large variety of conditions from sports related and non-sports related injuries that affect the muscular and skeletal system.
  • Treatment used will depend on the severity of the condition.
  • Your therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan designed for your specific needs.
  • Your physical therapist will evaluate your condition during the first visit to determine your posture, range of motion, and full functioning of the injured area.
  • Some injuries that can be treated with orthopedic rehabilitation are: carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and ankle sprains, neck and back pain, or shoulder tendonitis.
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation is often needed post-surgery to help in the healing process. Some of the conditions that would require rehabilitation are: complete shoulder or knee replacement, rotator cuff repairs, or spinal fusion.

Orthopedic injuries can be prevented. Some ways to prevent orthopedic injuries are by working in a controlled environment, lifting properly, and exercising.

  • Every workplace should stress the importance of orthopedic injuries while on the job. Employers should prevent injury by clearing unsafe work areas and guaranteeing the safety of every employee.
  • You should always bend at your knees to prevent straining your back while lifting. Also, lift close to your body make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart to ensure you are properly balanced.
  • Always eats a balanced diet and exercise to keep your functioning at your best. You should also be consuming calcium ideally from natural sources, everyday to maintain a healthy and strong skeletal system.
  • The best way to prevent orthopedic injury is to keep to an exercise plan. Remaining active and healthy, daily aerobics and walking, will keep your bones and joints strong and prevent any further damage.

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