Lindenhurst Physical Therapist

From playing professionally to pick-up games, those who participate in a sport are no stranger to injuries. From swelling to fractures, these conditions can prevent you from competing at full strength or even put you on the sidelines. Some common causes can occur from inadequate stretching, conditioning or warm-up exercises. No matter the severity, physical therapy can not only treat the injury, but teach you how to prevent it from happening again.

One effective method that physical therapists use in helping injured athletes is PRICE. PRICE is an acronym that stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. In determining what phase you are on, the physical therapist can identify the best treatments and exercises to use. In more severe cases such as concussions, a physical therapist can instruct you on what exercises you could do at home as well as what activities you should avoid.     

Preventative measures can also be useful in keeping off the sidelines and on the field. Seeing a physical therapist before an injury worsens can identify the problem as well as what specifically requires therapy. Another successful way to prevent sports injuries is to make sure that you stretch and train properly before beginning a specific activity. If you think you could benefit from physical therapy, you should consider making an appointment at a convenient location.

At Advance Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on effectively treating each patient to help them get back to resuming their lives pain free. We will evaluate the reason for your visit and provide you with advice on how you should proceed. Our experienced staff will create a rehabilitation program catered to treating and strengthening the injured area. Located in Wantagh, Valley Stream, Astoria and Lindenhurst, contact Advance Physical Therapy to help you get back in the game!