Now that the fall season is finally here, fall sports are in full swing! However, the start of the exciting season comes along with an increased chance of injuries. At Advance Physical Therapy, our movement experts are here to help raise awareness of sports injuries so you can stay healthy and on the field with your teammates. Continue reading to learn more! 

Fall Sports Injuries

Athletes of all levels and ages can experience a sports injury, especially during intense fall sports like football and soccer. If you participate in any rigorous fall sports, you may be at risk of developing the following conditions or injuries:

  • Shin Splints.
  • Overuse Injuries.
  • ACL Injuries.
  • Whiplash.

Knowing what to expect during the fall season can help you prevent potential injuries from derailing your sports season. At Advance Physical Therapy, injury prevention is vital to our physical therapy programs. Of course, some injuries are unavoidable, and accidents happen. However, the last thing you want is to be sidelined by an otherwise preventable injury. Here are some ways you can help prevent injuries and continue working towards your athletic goals:

  • Warm Up Before Practice or Games – Warming up and stretching before sports practice or a game can help prep your body for rigorous activity and prevent injuries. Jumping back into training after a long season of rest or playing with cold muscles can lead to muscle strains or tears. 
  • Use Proper Technique – Several injuries can occur if an athlete deviates from proper technique. Our team can help you stay attuned to the mechanics of your specific sport and help you avoid strains, fractures, and joint damage. 
  • Cross Train – Many sports injuries are a result of overuse. Cross-training enables you to strengthen different muscle groups to help avoid overuse and improve your athletic output. 
  • Rest – Rest is fundamental to your success as a dedicated athlete. Resting between workouts and big games is crucial to help you recover. Pushing yourself beyond your capacity can increase your risk of injuries. 

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At Advance Physical Therapy, our goal is to help athletes avoid career-threatening injuries and enable them to become better athletes. Sports injuries are often frustrating, so our team will work with you to ensure a safe and smooth recovery if you suffer an injury. To learn more about fall sports injuries, be sure to contact our team and request an appointment today!