Food does more than provide your body with energy. Good nutrition provides the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function correctly. At Advance Physical Therapy, nutrition is an essential aspect of physical therapy near Seaford. Since March is National Nutrition Month, our team would like to discuss how nutrition can affect your physical health. Continue reading to learn more! 


How Does Nutrition Affect Your Physical Health?

It’s no surprise that healthy eating can affect your body positively. When you fuel your body with the proper nutrition, your bodily systems and organs can perform at their best. However, if you have unhealthy eating habits, you may be more likely to develop certain health complications or diseases. Here are some of the ways that your diet can affect your physical health:

  • Weight Management – Eating a balanced diet that includes whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you stay at a healthy weight. A good variety of these foods can help you avoid foods high in sugar and fat, which is a prevalent cause of weight gain. Obesity can lead to further physical complications like diabetes and heart disease. 
  • Heart Health – A healthy diet can help you maintain good cholesterol levels and blood pressure, significantly reducing your risk of heart disease. High cholesterol and blood sugar can result from too much saturated fats and sugars in your diet. Prioritize your heart health by eating oily fish, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 
  • Bone Strength – A calcium-rich diet can keep your bones strong and help slow the progression of osteoporosis. Eating calcium-fortified foods, dairy products, dark green vegetables, and vitamin D can keep your bones strong in the long run. 

A healthy, balanced diet is just one part of your overall wellness. At Advance Physical Therapy, nutrition and therapeutic exercise go hand in hand during physical therapy near Seaford. Our team will evaluate your current condition and goals to determine an effective program that guides you toward complete wellness. 


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Having a healthy diet plays a vital role in your overall physical health. Our team at Advance Physical Therapy can provide you with the education and support you need to make healthier lifestyle choices and achieve your wellness goals. Be sure to contact us today to get started with physical therapy near Seaford.