Running is a form of physical fitness that can be conducted on a variety of different terrains. All you need are some running shoes and comfortable workout clothes, right? Well, you’re also going to need the right environment for engaging in this activity Understanding how different running surfaces can impact your body may prevent future injuries and pain. At Advance Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst, NY, we want our patients to have a safe and healthy running routine and experience. 

Best Running Surfaces

Runners are expected to feel their body impact three to four times more than usual during a run. Think of it like this — running impacts every part of the body from the neck down to your feet, so it’s important to understand how running surfaces can affect your body. In the event you do suffer an injury due to running, Advance Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst, NY is here to help you heal properly. There is no such thing as a perfect running surface, but here are a few that can prevent you from causing injuries: 

  • Dirt/Grass: Grass and dirt surfaces are considered to be the best surface type when it comes to running. The softer the surface, the less impact your body will have each step you take. However, this doesn’t mean the softer the better. Some surfaces, like sand, can be too unstable. Grass, on the other hand, can support your joints. Try to find a surface that is smooth and not too bumpy.
  • Tracks: Outdoor running tracks in your school or a local fitness area make great surfaces to run on. Synthetic tracks provide less shock absorption as compared to other running surfaces. The only downside to running on a track is the curve, which can cause most runners to subconsciously lean towards one direction.
  • Asphalt Concrete: You can find asphalt concrete in most parking lots and roads. These surfaces are great for shock absorption. It’s important, however, to be cautious of black surfaces when the temperature is high. 
  • Treadmills: Most people choose to run on a treadmill. Treadmills are good for beginners and cause fewer injuries because of the flat surface. You can also control the speed at which you run, and the incline as well, which provide a more customized and dynamic running experience.  

Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst, NY

During any exercise activity, injury prevention is always a key priority. When it comes to running, just a small change in the surface can cause injuries. Whether you want to run once in a while or train every day for a marathon, you should avoid running on surfaces that can harm your muscles and joints. If you’re looking to get treated for an injury or discuss in more detail about running surfaces, reach out to Advance Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst, NY.