Sports injuries are not particular in who they affect; patients of varying ages and conditions can experience a multitude of different kinds of concerning health pain. Treatments come in many different methods for the particularities and severity of your pain management. One of the most important things an athlete can do to protect themselves is to become knowledgeable of potential injuries with their sport, and practice helpful stretching and strengthening exercises for muscle stability. However, even with proper guarding tips, athletes can still fall victim to injuries, and targeted physical therapy can help rejuvenate even the most painful accidents. Sports injuries can occur because of an awkward landing, subjected sprain, projected overtraining, or improper stretching. Physical therapists are imperative aids for athletes, helping to prioritize a tailored exercise regimen that educates the patient on advisable self-care tips. Some introductory fact-aids can help you address the concerns of your injury:

  • More severe conditions are concussions, herniated discs, dislocations, torn ligaments, broken, or fractured bones.
  • Many sports injuries are preventable and happen because the person is not properly stretched before beginning in the rigorous activity.
  • Every athlete should workout daily to strengthen their muscles and joint. They should also stretch before and after every workout, game, or practice. This will help to stretch muscles, increase flexibility, and increase blood flow.
  • At-home treatments can be used in disgression, but your doctor or physical therapist should be contacted should your pain worsen or not improve. During an at-home treatment, you should see improvement in swelling and bruising after about a month. If you notice further discoloration and swelling after the initial month you should contact a professional.
  • At your first physical therapy appointment, the therapist will test your range of motion, flexibility, and strength to determine the issue that caused your related injury. Together you and your therapist will come up with a treatment plan to increase your strength, muscles, and prevent further injury.  

Sports injuries can be an intimidating concern to worry about without the aid of a physical therapist. Not only will you gain a successful recovery faster and more efficiently, but you will also avoid doing any further damage to your injury with self-proclaimed treatment plans. Advance PT prides itself on expert therapists that understand how to meet the prospective goals and needs of athletic injuries. We can help you get back into your ring without any limitations.

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