Mobilization Exercises For The Foot And Ankle

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of the health of your feet and ankles? With so many steps to be taken during each day, even the smallest issue can make moving around a nightmare. At Advance Physical Therapy, our goal is to keep our patients on their feet. That is why our [...]

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The Difference Between Muscular and Skeletal Pain

Whenever the human body exerts itself, the potential for injury is always present. Both your muscles and bones can be subjected to trauma, each with its own set of healing parameters that need to be met to make a full recovery. At Advance Physical Therapy, our team is well versed in treating injuries to [...]

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Strengthening Exercises For The Shoulder

After sustaining an injury, many people assume the only way to make a full recovery is to immobilize the injured area and allow it to heal. While this method can work great for some injuries, others will require a more active approach for treatment. At Advance Physical Therapy, our team provides patients with the sessions [...]

Physical Therapy Following A Patellar Tendon Tear

Have you recently been dealing with knee pain and swelling? If this is the case, it’s important to get the joint checked out for any structural damage. Sometimes, the source of your pain and discomfort can be a patellar tendon tear. Fortunately, our team at Advance Physical Therapy is well versed in diagnosing and treating [...]

Returning To Your Normal Exercise Routine, Gradually

This year, many daily routines were thrown out the window thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the end to the pandemic still likely not coming until far in the future, areas are starting to open back up, signally a somewhat return to normalcy. What better time is there to get back into your [...]

Staying Active This Summer While Saving Your Joints

The summer months are certainly not the time to be filled and bogged down by joint pain. If you’re looking to stay active while also keeping your joints protected, our team at Advance Physical Therapy is here for you. Our team has the knowledge you need to keep moving without complication, and we’d like to [...]

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Balance Disorder Exercises

Have you or a loved one recently been faced with vestibular issues such as vertigo, dizziness, or general disorientation? At any age, balance issues such as these can have a deteriorating effect on your quality of life. At Advance Physical Therapy, our team can help treat these balance related issues. We’ll teach patients dealing with [...]

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Physical Therapy For Golf Injuries

Golf is a sport that is played all across our country and is especially popular in the state of New York. However, whether you play it at a competitive level, or just use it to socialize, the injuries sustained during this sport can add unnecessary complications to your life. With warmer weather now settling upon [...]

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Staying Fit Without The Gym

Due to the current global situation, daily routines have been thrown off, leaving some gym-goers wondering what to do next. However, many people have been able to maintain and increase their daily fitness for years without ever needing to step foot in the gym. At Advance Physical Therapy, we know how difficult the required lifestyle [...]

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At Home Exercises For Sciatica

Overview Sciatica is back pain that stems from the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve starts from your lower back and branches through your hips down each leg. Sciatica commonly occurs when the nerve is compressed, and it can cause inflammation, pain, and often numbness. Sciatica will typically only affect one side of your body. Advance [...]

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