Physical Therapy Treatment Methods

When an injury arises, one of the fears many have is a long recovery process. To help prevent this from happening, most patients turn to physical therapy to help them achieve a healthy and full recovery. The best part about this form of treatment is that many methods can be used to help patients throughout [...]

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Using Proper Form To Prevent Back Pain

When it comes to back pain relief in Queens, NY, you should always look for a well-qualified team to provide treatment. At Advance Physical Therapy, we have been serving the Long Island and NYC communities for over 20 years! With a surplus of knowledge and treatment methods at our disposal, you can trust us to [...]

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Recovering From A Shoulder Labrum Tear

Have you recently been experiencing shoulder problems or have experienced a blunt force in this area? Has it become painful or difficult to move? There is a chance you have suffered from a shoulder labrum tear. At Advance Physical Therapy, we specialize in the recovery process for these types of injuries. If you are seeking [...]

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The Importance Of Maintaining A Strong Core

Many people will only do core exercises because they envision themselves obtaining six-pack abs. While this certainly can be the result of proper core training, there are other benefits of having a strong core besides the visual appeal. Strong core muscles can help prevent injury and increase your athletic ability. At Advance Physical Therapy, our [...]

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Avoiding Snowboarding Injuries

If you or someone you know has suffered a snowboarding injury this winter season, Advance Physical Therapy in Valley Stream is here to provide quality treatment and care. Contact our office today for more information to learn how we can help you stay healthy and safe while out on the slopes this winter season.  Snowboarding [...]

Staying Active During The Holidays

The holidays are coming, which means family, a surplus of stress, and more food consumed than necessary. During this time of year, it is difficult to find time to stay fit. That is why when you have free time, you have to take any chance you can to stay active. In the event you or [...]

Mountain Biking Safety

If you or someone you know has suffered a mountain biking injury and requires physical therapy in Astoria, NY, get in touch with Advance Physical Therapy today for more information! Mountain biking, while thrilling, can also be a highly dangerous extreme sport, so safety should always be a top priority.  Staying Safe on the Mountain [...]

Physical Therapy for Kyphosis

If you are looking for a convenient way to relieve back pain, discomfort, or that “hunchback” posture, then considering paying Advance Physical Therapy in Queens a visit! If you are not located in the Queens area, Advance PT has various locations across the state of New York. For conditions pertaining to lower back pain, our [...]

What is the Ideal Running Surface?

Running is a form of physical fitness that can be conducted on a variety of different terrains. All you need are some running shoes and comfortable workout clothes, right? Well, you’re also going to need the right environment for engaging in this activity Understanding how different running surfaces can impact your body may prevent future [...]

National Physical Therapy Month

October is known as National Physical Therapy Month which was introduced to not only give recognition to physical therapists and their assistants but also to raise awareness of the benefits of physical therapy. If you have been experiencing physical pain, have been injured in the past, or generally need rehabilitation, Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh [...]

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