As you move throughout the day, your brain must coordinate information from your eyes and vestibular system and control your muscles and joints. A stroke can damage the areas of the brain that coordinate movement and cause balance problems. Since May is National Stroke Awareness Month, our team at Advance Physical Therapy would like to discuss common balance issues after a stroke and how balance therapy in Nassau County can help improve your mobility and confidence. Continue reading to learn more! 

Balance Issues After A Stroke

Balance is something that we take for granted most days. After a stroke, the ability to walk with confidence is crucial for your independence. Unfortunately, there can be a few obstacles in the way. Stroke patients often suffer from loss of muscle control, muscle weakness, and difficulty or inability to coordinate movements. Some of the ways that a stroke can affect balance include:

  • Ataxia – In relation to a stroke, ataxia refers to symptoms of incoordination. Ataxia can affect several body parts. Jerky movements, speech problems, and balance issues can be indicators of ataxia. 
  • Spatial Neglect – Spatial neglect indicates that your brain is not processing critical sensory information from one side. Patients with spatial neglect may attempt movement but forget to move a weak leg and lose balance. They may also trip over objects they can’t see on that side of their body and fall. 
  • Vertigo – If a stroke occurs in the cerebellum, you may be left with vertigo. Vertigo can cause you to feel dizzy and lose your balance. You may also feel that you or your surroundings are moving or spinning. 

When you experience weakness in the lower extremities or lose full control of your movements, your fall risk increases and puts you at risk for debilitating injuries that jeopardize your independence. However, balance therapy in Nassau County can help you feel steady, in control, and healthy. A stroke can impair balance to varying degrees, but our team at Advance Physical Therapy will evaluate your unique situation and determine the most effective program. 

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Addressing balance issues after a stroke is an essential part of your recovery, as these issues can significantly impact your daily activities and overall well-being. With the right support and balance therapy in Nassau County, you can improve your balance and achieve a better outcome. To learn more about treating balance issues after a stroke, be sure to contact Advance Physical Therapy today