For those who do not know, your vestibular system is a collection of small organs within the ear that attribute to the sense of balance and spatial orientation. All movement relies on the vestibular system for coordination and to keep someone upright. Some of the vestibular organs are also associated with the sensory system specifically hearing and sight. Vestibular therapy is a type of exercise-based rehabilitation therapy used for patients experiencing dizziness and problems with their balance. This type of therapy strengthens your central nervous system to make up for discrepancies in the inner ear.

Are you having problems with your balance? Are you experiencing dizziness? When the vestibular organs are damaged they cannot be relied on to give accurate information to the brain, therefore directly affecting balance, motion, and equilibrium. Usually after damage from injury or disease is recovered, the body regulates itself and balance is restored. However, when the body does not compensate itself, VHT is necessary. In severe cases headache, muscle tension and fatigue occur and a specialist should be involved in recovery.

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy focuses on retraining the brain to use whatever vestibular information is available, along with coordination from vision and proprioception. When you see your physical therapist they will evaluate you and your particular impairments and review your medical history. Doctors will give coordination tests and ask questionnaires to evaluate severity and frequency of symptoms. Usually with VHT symptoms get worse before they get better, because of the new pattern of movement. Symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and muscle tension will be reduced along with the vertigo, dizziness and nausea. In many cases vestibular rehabilitation therapy is successful enough to avoid additional treatments. Speak to your physical therapist to see if Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is right for you and regain control of your motion!

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