Falling can cause serious injury, and some of us are at more risk than others. Falling is an unpredictable danger and can be especially alarming for those who live alone and do not have help in case they fall. Everyone experiencing this frigid winter weather are at risk of enduring icy conditions and suffering a fall. Falling is particularly dangerous to those more susceptible, such as the elderly, and those who have issues with balance and those who suffer from chronic pain. Follow these tips to help reduce injury in case you do fall.

The most important body part of your body you need to try to protect is your head. When falling, bring your arms up to cover your head so it does not make a hard impact on the ground. Try to tuck in you chin for added protection. If you are falling face-down, turn your head sideways to protect your face. If you injure yourself during a fall, it is extremely important for you to seek immediate medical care, especially in the event of a head injury.

It is most likely that your first instinct is try to catch yourself as you fall. If you can, rather than catch yourself, keep your arms and legs bent. Catching yourself and allowing your arms to absorb the entire force of the fall can cause injury to your wrists, arms, or shoulders. Keeping your arms and legs bent may also allow you to roll out of a fall. Sending the energy of the fall into a roll, will greatly reduce the impact your body absorbs. However, rolling is a difficult technique that may need to be learned and practiced. Keeping your arms and legs bent may help you spread the force of your fall and prevent point-of-impact injuries.

If you are able to turn your body as you fall so you land on your side, you may prevent injury to your head, face, and arms. Falling directly on your back can cause serious damage to your back and spine and often this kind of fall can also be difficult to get up from. Falling straight forward can be equally as dangerous as you can risk injury to your face and head. Although any fall will be painful, landing on your side can prevent a more serious injury.

Falling is unpredictable and scary, and when you fall, you have less than a second to react and figure out what to do to protect yourself. This is why it is so important to learn how to prevent injury and plan what to do in case of a fall beforehand. At Advance Physical Therapy, we can work with people such as the elderly or those with dizziness and balance issues to help improve your condition and help you to better protect yourself against falling.

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