One of the best parts about living in New York is that we get to experience all four seasons. We are never stuck in a never-ending summer, and though our winter season can sometimes be harsh, it does not last year round.  

As we approach the colder winter months, the chance of snow increases and New Yorkers have to prepare for the inevitable; shoveling. In order to prepare, people should be aware of the techniques in which shoveling can be done correctly in order to prevent any injury.

The most important part of shoveling is the shovel itself. Spending a few extra dollars on an ergonomic shovel can make a huge difference as curved or adjustable handles will be useful in minimizing bending, and a lighter, plastic blade will help reduce the amount of weight being held.  

Before stepping out into the cold with your ergonomic shovel, it should be noted that your body is more prone to injury when the muscles are cold and tight. A five to ten minute warm-up beforehand will, in the long run, be a favor to your back and help combat fatigue and soreness.

After warming up, shoveling should be done by pushing the snow to the side rather than lifting it. However, when lifting the heavy snow is unavoidable, the shoveler should bend at the hips and point the chest outward. Remember to keep the back straight, bend at the knees, and lift with the leg muscles in order to prevent injury. It is important to not lift any weight that is too heavy and to avoid twisting the body when turning to face a new direction. Instead, turn your entire body and walk to the location that you wish to deposit the snow.

With these tips, shoveling this winter should be a breeze, but if you do feel as though your back, or any other part of your body, has been affected, make an appointment with Advance Physical Therapy today in order to repair the problem so you can enjoy all that winter has to offer.

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