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Physical Therapy for Kyphosis

If you are looking for a convenient way to relieve back pain, discomfort, or that “hunchback” posture, then considering paying Advance Physical Therapy near Hewlett a visit! If you are not located in the Advance PT has various locations across the state of New York. For conditions pertaining to lower back pain, our physical therapists [...]

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Men’s Health Month

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY What is Men’s Health Month? Junе is Mеn’ѕ Hеаlth awareness mоnth. The purpose of Men’s Health Month, is to raise аwаrеnеѕѕ for рrеvеntаblе health problems that may emerge among men, as well as encourage еаrlу dеtесtiоn аnd treatment оf diѕеаѕes. Men’s Health Month attempts to bring awareness to health issues [...]

Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Back And Reduce Pain

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY In any given day, the average individual goes through a considerable amount of activity. Whether it involves the commute to work or the extracurricular sports or activities that follow, you can easily ѕее whу it'ѕ estimated thаt оvеr 80% of the world’s population will ѕuffеr frоm back pain. Although back [...]

Physical Therapists for Back Pain in Astoria

Suffering from back pain can make going through your day difficult. Physical therapy can be one way to help ease your back pain. If you are looking for physical therapists for back pain in Astoria, Wantagh, Lindenhurst, or Valley Stream, contacting Advance Physical Therapy is a good first step.   How does back pain occur? [...]

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Back Pain and Age

  Back pain is never fun for anyone, but a physical therapist can help change your life of pain. The back consists of the most active muscles and ligaments in the body. And it’s also it’s like puzzle that is made up several highly active spinal joints, nerves, discs, and muscles. Which leads to your [...]

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Does medication help back pain?

Are you struggling with back pain and think medication is best answer? Think again. Physical therapy is known to treat back pain in the most effective and safe way. Here at Advance Physical Therapy, we consider back pain as one of our many specialties. With locations in Valley Stream, Wantagh, Astoria, and Lindenhurst, we are [...]

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