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Men’s Health Month

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY What is Men’s Health Month? Junе is Mеn’ѕ Hеаlth awareness mоnth. The purpose of Men’s Health Month, is to raise аwаrеnеѕѕ for рrеvеntаblе health problems that may emerge among men, as well as encourage еаrlу dеtесtiоn аnd treatment оf diѕеаѕes. Men’s Health Month attempts to bring awareness to health issues [...]

Winter Arthritis

Is your arthritis acting up again? There’s a good chance that it’s due to the weather.  Affecting more than 50 million Americans, arthritis is a painful condition that seemingly gets worse during the winter months. And surprisingly enough, it’s actually the change in barometric pressure, and not the frigid temperatures, that some doctors think is [...]

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Physical Therapy and Arthritis

Unfortunately, the medical complications that can occur for an individual tend to become more frequent throughout the aging process.These complications while coming later with age can also develop as a result of genetics. Specifically, arthritis is a disease that fits these criteria and it affects both young and elderly individuals. Arthritis is a painful chronic [...]

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