When you’re an athlete, you can be susceptible to various kinds of injuries. Some of the most common sports injuries occur in the upper body. At Advance Physical Therapy, we provide physical therapy and rehabilitation for sports injuries. Our team would like to educate you on some of the most common upper body sports injuries so you can detect if something is wrong early on. 

Common Upper Body Injuries

Upper body injuries frequently occur in sports, especially those that require overhead movements like baseball, tennis, and volleyball. Upper body injuries can include any injury to the shoulder, arm, elbow, or hand. The two types of upper-body injuries are acute and overuse injuries. Acute injuries stem from a specific accident or event, and overuse injuries occur over time from repeated activities. Some of the common upper body injuries that occur in athletes include:

  • Rotator Cuff Tear: A common overuse injury that is caused by a direct blow or repetitive motion. Injuries to this area can cause the tendons to become damaged or torn. 
  • Tennis Elbow: An overuse injury that causes inflammation of the tendons outside of the forearm. 
  • Golfer’s Elbow: Like tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow is an overuse injury that causes inflammation or degeneration of the muscles inside of the elbow. 
  • Flexor Tendinitis: This condition, also known as Trigger Finger, is the swelling of the tendons that allow the fingers to bend. This injury is a result of overuse or strenuous activities that involve the fingers and thumb. 
  • Frozen Shoulder: This condition is caused by the thickening of tissue in the shoulder joint, and makes it difficult to move the shoulder. 

Treating Upper Body Injuries in Athletes

Getting sidelined because of an injury can be frustrating. At the onset of your injury, you should seek out the help of our team. We will carefully evaluate your condition and help determine a rehabilitation program to help you get back out on the field. Our physical therapists can also advise you on your form so you can correct your technique and potentially prevent injuries from reoccurring. 

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If you have suffered an upper-body injury, the recovery process can be intimidating. At Advance Physical Therapy, our team will help you ease your concerns. We will address your athletic injuries and help you achieve your athletic goals without any limitations through our personalized physical therapy and sports rehab programs. To learn more or to schedule your first session, contact our team today!