Physical Therapy in Queens for football tryouts

What does it take to prepare for a football tryout?

Being successful in a football tryout takes dedication and months of preparing. Preparing for a football tryout may include strenuous activity and countless hours of work depending on the commitment of the individual. Aside from the activity and training that needs to be done, preparing for a football tryout takes dedication mentally. A football player needs to be focused on the tryout and block out any other distractions. Being distracted is the worst thing a football player can be during a tryout because the individual is not focused on being the best player they can be in order to make the team. 

What types of training can be done to prepare?

A football player who wants to be successful must put in a lot of work no matter what level of football they are on. One of the most important qualities a football player must have is a strength. To improve on strength, the individual must be dedicated to lifting weights almost every day. There are multiple weightlifting exercises that a football player can take part in as it pertains to the upper body, lower body, full body, speed/agility, and plyometrics which include:

  • Bench press 
  • Rows 
  • Shrugs
  • Squats 
  • Deadlifts 
  • Push press 
  • Power Cleans 
  • Sprints 
  • Vertical Jumps 
  • Power skips 

The overall strength of a football player is very important if the player wants to maximize their full potential and avoid injury. Strength training injuries are common due to the strain that is left on muscles after weightlifting. Physical therapy in Queens, NY, at Advance Physical Therapy, specializes in sports rehab to get your body back to the way it should be so you can continue your training. In addition to lifting weights regularly, on fieldwork must be done to prepare for football tryouts. The player should do agility training such as running sprints, working on agility ladders, and practicing drills that will be tested at the tryout such as the 40-yard dash and the shuttle run. Some types of training can be done depending on what position the player is trying out for such as throwing drills for quarterbacks or back-pedaling drills for cornerbacks. The best physical qualities a football player should go into a tryout with are being strong, well conditioned and agile and capable to move quickly while on the field. 

What can be done to maximize your potential as a player?

As a football player, you must try to have every advantage over the next player because you are competing against others to be a part of the team. In order to be the best player you can be, you must have a nutritious diet, stretch regularly, and get the proper amount of sleep each night. A football player’s diet should include the following intake per day:

  • 2-4 servings of fresh fruit 
  • 3-4 servings of vegetables 
  • 6-8 servings of grains/starch
  • 2-4 servings of dairy 
  • 4 servings of meat
  • 64 oz. of water

A healthy diet is vital for a football player to possess. Having a healthy diet will boost your performance on the field and while training. Another activity a football player should take part in is stretching. Stretching will reduce the likeliness of injury and will increase the range of motion that your body can fulfill. Many sports injuries are preventable by being properly stretched. At Advance Physical Therapy in Queens, NY, stretching is strongly encouraged before you take part in physical activity. You should stretch before and after any type of physical activity including weightlifting and running. Different types of stretches can be done such as lunges, overhead triceps stretch, and the pigeon pose.

Getting the proper amount of sleep is very important for an active football player. A football player who is training regularly will be exhausted at times. It is very important that the player gets a good amount of rest in order to conserve energy and get the most out of each day. Not getting the proper amount of rest will result in a lack of focus and determination that is needed to be a good football player. The player should maintain the same routine up until the tryouts. In the days prior to the tryout, the player should drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated at all times during the tryout. The worst thing that can happen at the tryout is to be dehydrated and get cramps which leads to the inability to perform on the field. 

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Physical therapy in Queens, NY, at Advance Physical Therapy, will help with any physical ailment that is endured while training for your football tryout. The physical therapists at Advance Physical Therapy are determined to assist you with any injury and will do whatever it takes to get you back training and exercising so that you can maximize your full potential as a football player. These therapists are the best option for any type of injury you endure and they are determined to get you back to normal as quickly as possible. Be sure to book an appointment at Advance Physical Therapy if you experience any type of injury, you will not be disappointed

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Physical therapy in Queens, NY, at Advance Physical Therapy, will help with any physical ailment that is endured while training for your football tryout.