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Low Back Pain Physical Therapy in Buffalo at Advance Physical Therapy has been serving the community for over 20 years. We combine the highest quality health care with a personalized approach to your rehabilitation.  We have offices in Buffalo and on Long Island in Valley Stream, Wantagh, and Lindenhurst. Call today to schedule your evaluation.

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    Low Back Pain Exercises

    Lower back pain is a painful condition that affects the lower part of the spine due to an injury to the muscle (strain) or the ligament (sprain). While there are medication-based treatments for lower back pain, it is important to consider lower back pain exercises as a substitute. If you’re seeking low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo, our team at Advance Physical Therapy can create a custom exercise plan!

    What causes lower back pain?low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo

    There is a long list of different injuries and diseases that can lead to lower back pain. The list includes:

    • Strains and Sprains: This is the most common cause and is typically due to an injured muscle, tendon, or ligament due to not lifting safely.
    • Arthritis: While various forms of arthritis can occur in the lower back, they all result in one symptom, pain. 
    • Disk Problems: If a disk bulges from its usual position in the spine, it can press on a nerve causing pain. These disks can also tear, resulting in a herniated disk.
    • Diseases: Various diseases, like spine tumors, infections, and cancer, can lead to severe back pain. Kidney stones can also lead to back pain.

    No matter what is causing your lower back pain, lower back pain exercises guided by a physical therapist can help! If you require low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo, our team can help mitigate your pain!

    Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

    Each patient who seeks exercises for lower back pain may be given a different treatment plan, but these are the most common exercises:

    • Walking: This is one of the safest ways to relieve lower back pain. By walking at a steady pace for 15 minutes twice a day, the symptoms can be greatly improved.
    • Pelvic Tilts: These are designed to build your pelvis. It engages the core muscles along the spine and relieves inflammation around the area.
    • Partial Crunches: This exercise is half sit-ups. It engages your abdominal and lower back muscles to strengthen them and provide support.

    While these exercises may seem simple enough, it is important to consult a professional before starting any of these exercises. We offer low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo and can guide you through all these exercises!

    How to prevent lower back pain?

    If your lower back pain is a result of a disease or structural issue with your spine, it is not possible to prevent it. However, you do have the ability to prevent it from being caused due to an injury. 

    You can achieve this by doing the following:

    • Stay within a Healthy Weight Range: Excessive weight, and obesity put pressure on the spine and discs, which can lead to pain and even severe injury.
    • Ensure your Abdominal Muscles are Strong: Your abdominal muscles support the spine; strengthening these muscles takes some of the pressure off of the spine.
    • Lift with Proper Form: It is important to remember to lift with your legs rather than your back. If something is heavy, hold it close to you or get assistance from someone else.

    Everyone is likely to experience lower back pain. While you may believe that you have to live with it, these exercises can be life-changing when under a professional’s guidance. If you’re seeking low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo, schedule your appointment with us at Advance Physical Therapy to begin on your road to being pain-free! 

    When Should I See A Doctor For My Low Back Pain

    Back pain is more than capable of ruining your day. Yet you still have to ask the question, when is it bad enough to see a doctor? At Advance Physical Therapy, we are always here if you want to ask questions about your pain. You can also visit our office for low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo if you need a quick checkup. Read below to learn more about when you should see your doctor and what back pain could mean for you.

    Visitinglow back pain physical therapy in buffalo

    The general rule for visiting a doctor about lower back pain is if it’s intense or doesn’t go away after three days. Most back pain will go away by itself, but if it stays around or is painful enough that you have trouble sleeping, it’s worth visiting a doctor’s office to see what’s wrong. The checkup for your back should be relatively quick and easy, allowing you to get results within the day.

    What to Expect

    Once you’ve decided to go to the doctor’s office about your pain, what should you expect? The doctor will ask questions about your pain and have you move around so they can see what is bothering you. At our low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo, we will also run numerous tests to help diagnose your injury. 

    • CT Scans – Checks your bone health along with disk, tissue, and muscle damage.
    • Xrays – Helps find arthritis or bones damaged by fractures or broken bones.
    • Electromyography – This shows if you have pinched or compressed nerves near your spine.
    • Blood Tests – This is to see if there’s an infection that could be causing back pain.

    Treatment for Back Pain

    If you’ve been diagnosed with an injury or illness that’s affecting your back, then there are numerous treatments that may follow. Listed below are some of the most common treatments for back pain:

    • Muscle Relaxants – These are prescribed if your back pain occurs alongside muscle spasms. These relax the muscles, which should stop any spasming that could have been irritating other muscles nearby.
    • Medication – Many back pains are capable of being relieved by anti-inflammatory medicine. This medication helps stop inflamed muscles from being painful and allows the body to heal any damage that occurred.
    • Steroid Injections – This treatment is reserved for patients whose back pain results from a pinched or damaged nerve. The steroid will dull the pain and reduce any inflammation around the nerves area.
    • Surgery – This is only used for the most severe of back pain problems. Typically structural issues or injuries that can’t be solved through non-surgical means need surgery in order to heal.

    Visit our Low Back Pain Physical Therapy in Buffalo

    If you’re suffering from back pain, consider contacting our office of low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo. We have professionals experienced in dealing with many different types of back pain and capable of delivering the highest level of customer care. We have specialized equipment designed to help during advanced treatments and are more than capable of treating your pain.

    Why Do I Have Low Back Pain?

    It’s summer, a time to enjoy the outdoors and do all the outdoor housework that was left waiting during the wintertime. Lower back pain can ruin your well-laid plans and prevent you from exerting yourself. Back pain should be looked at immediately by a doctor, and we have a low back pain physical therapy in buffalo at Advance Physical Therapy. Read more below to learn about what can cause lower back pain and what symptoms you should look out for.


    Causes of Lower Back Painlow back pain physical therapy in buffalo

    Lower back pain is debilitating and can prevent you from enjoying your day in the sun. Recovering from back injuries can be a long or relatively short process, depending on the specific injury. Listed below are a few causes of lower back pain:


    • Sciatica – This is a type of pain that results from injuries most commonly but also wears from aging. The primary symptom that defines it is shooting pain that starts in the lower back and goes down one of the legs, potentially all the way to the foot. Usually, it affects only a single side of the body and is irritated by standing up or just sitting for a long period of time.
    • Low back strain – This type of pain occurs due to injury from exercising, lifting heavy objects without the correct form or that are too heavy, and falling. It happens because the muscles that hold your spine in place are damaged, causing them to strain and struggle to hold the spine resulting in mild to debilitating pain depending on the severity of the injury.
    • Nighttime back pain – This is one of the more insidious forms of back pain. This pain occurs primarily when lying down, such as when you try to go to bed. It is caused by spinal injuries like fractures, problems with how the spine moves, such as disc degeneration, which is the most common cause, and diseases relating to the spine, like spinal stenosis. It can also signify a more serious problem, so it’s best to visit a doctor if you are suffering from nighttime back pain.


    These are the more common types of back pain. Various diseases can cause back pain, and most illnesses affecting bones, such as scoliosis can also cause back pain. The most common form of home treatment for back pains is using cold packs to reduce swelling, along with resting for a day or two before lightly exercising. If you’re suffering, consider visiting our low back pain physical therapy in buffalo.


    Low Back Pain Physical Therapy in Buffalo

    As you can see, back pain is a serious matter that can signify life-altering injuries if left untreated. If you are concerned about your lower back pain, consider calling the low back pain physical therapy in buffalo. We have the staff and experience to treat many types of back pain while maintaining a high level of customer care. Contact us today so you can get the treatment you need to make a full recovery.

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    Revolutionizing Care for Low Back Pain: Advance Physical Therapy in Buffalo

    Are you among the countless individuals struggling with persistent low back pain in Buffalo, NY? Discover the transformative solutions offered by Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy. This is your key to understanding why our innovative approach to physical therapy is changing the game. Dive into the details to learn how we can bring relief and rehabilitation to your low back pain. If you’re tired of battling low back pain and seeking a progressive solution, Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy in Buffalo is here to provide answers. Explore how our specialized services, dedicated staff, and advanced techniques can be the game-changer in your journey to a pain-free life.

    What Sets Buffalo’s Low Back Pain Services Apart?

    Buffalo’s Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy is not your typical rehabilitation service. We stand out by providing a specialized approach to low back pain. Our physical therapists are experts in tailoring treatment plans to the individual, ensuring that each patient receives personalized care that addresses the root cause of their low back pain.

    How Does Physical Therapy Benefit Low Back Pain Patients?

    Physical therapy is a cornerstone in managing low back pain. Explore the various benefits, from pain relief to improved functionality. Our therapists at Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy utilize a combination of exercises, stretches, and manual techniques to create a treatment plan that not only reduces pain but enhances overall well-being.

    Can Physical Therapy Prevent the Need for Surgery in Low Back Pain Cases?

    For many facing low back pain, the fear of surgery looms large. Understand how physical therapy can often be a preventative measure, reducing the likelihood of surgical intervention. We explore how our approach at Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy is geared towards achieving results without resorting to surgery.

    Is Low Back Pain Impacting Your Daily Life?

    Low back pain can be debilitating, affecting not just physical health but overall well-being. Dive into how our therapists analyze the impact of low back pain on daily life, addressing not only the symptoms but also the lifestyle factors that contribute to ongoing discomfort.

    Can Physical Therapy Address Other Common Musculoskeletal Conditions?

    Our expertise extends beyond low back pain. Discover how our physical therapists tackle various musculoskeletal conditions, including neck pain, knee pain, and more. Uncover the comprehensive care offered at Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy in Buffalo.

    How Do I Schedule an Appointment for Low Back Pain Treatment?

    Scheduling an appointment at Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy is easy; request an appointment with our team today. Learn what to expect during your initial consultation, and take the first step toward relief from low back pain. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your journey to recovery is seamless and effective.

    Does Physical Therapy Play a Role in Managing Chronic Low Back Pain?

    Chronic low back pain can be particularly challenging. Explore how our knowledgeable therapists at Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy create individualized plans to manage chronic conditions effectively. Learn how our approach addresses symptoms and aims for long-term relief.

    How Can Physical Therapy Improve Function and Balance in Low Back Pain Patients?

    Low back pain often compromises one’s ability to move freely. Delve into how physical therapy aims not only to alleviate pain but also to enhance function and balance. Discover the exercises and techniques that contribute to an improved quality of life.

    Your Journey to a Pain-Free Back Starts Here

    Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy in Buffalo, NY, is your dedicated partner in the journey to a pain-free back. From personalized treatment plans to collaborative care, our services are designed to address each patient’s unique needs. Take the first step toward relief by scheduling an appointment today. Your path to a healthier, more active life awaits at Advance Low Back Pain Physical Therapy in Buffalo.

    Exercise and Stretching for Low Back Pain Relief

    Low back pain can be a debilitating condition affecting your daily life, making even simple tasks seem daunting. If you’re in Buffalo and suffering from low back pain, Advance Physical Therapy specializes in low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo. This can be a game-changer for your journey to recovery. Here, we’ll explore the importance of exercise and stretching as effective solutions for low back pain, focusing on how Advance Physical Therapy can help you find relief.

    Understanding Lower Back PainLow Back Pain Physical Therapy in Buffalo

    Before we dive into exercises and stretches, it’s essential to understand what causes low back pain. Various factors, such as muscle strain, poor posture, herniated discs, and stress, can contribute to this discomfort. Seeking professional guidance is crucial to identifying the root cause of your pain. Once you’ve consulted with the experts at Advance Physical Therapy in Buffalo and clearly understand the underlying causes of your lower back pain, you can begin a tailored exercise and stretching routine to address these specific issues. 

    When you first start, repeat each exercise a few times. Then, increase the number of times you do an exercise as it gets easier for you. This progressive approach will help you gradually build strength and flexibility, making your recovery journey all the more effective and personalized to your needs.

    Stretches for Lower Back Relief

    Stretching can be a powerful tool in your low back pain relief arsenal. Gentle stretches can improve your back’s flexibility and reduce muscle tension. Try incorporating the following stretches into your routine:

    1. Knee-to-Chest Stretch: Gently pulling your knees toward your chest stretches your lower back muscles.
    2. Cat-Cow Stretch: Kneel on your knees and hands, arch your back upward while lowering your head, then let your back and belly sag downward as you raise your head. 
    3. Bridge Exercises: Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, keeping shoulders and head relaxed, tighten belly and glute muscles, raise hips to form a straight line from knees to shoulders
    4. Seated lower back rotational stretch: Sit on an armless chair or stool, cross your right leg over your left, twist, and stretch by bracing your left elbow against the outside of your right knee

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    When you’re looking for effective and personalized low back pain physical therapy in Buffalo, Advance Physical Therapy is your trusted partner. With experienced therapists and state-of-the-art facilities, we create a tailored plan for each patient. We emphasize the use of exercises and stretching techniques, ensuring that your recovery journey is effective and efficient.