With over 5,000 registered physical therapists, assistants, and students registered with the NYPTA in New York, patients have a lot of options. In villages such as Valley Stream, there is a high demand for the many services a physical therapist provides because physical therapy can save you time and money.  Hospital bills in New York are high and the lack of need for a referral outside of spinal manipulation and needle EMG procedures has helped many patients make the decision to begin physical therapy. For any malady involving bones, muscles, and joints outside of needing a replacement outright a physical therapist is a preferred visit over a surgeon. Sports injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis, meniscal tears, and so on are some maladies that are often referred to a  surgeon when a physical therapist could treat them all the same.

Even without crippling injuries a Valley Stream physical therapist can evaluate the risk of injury, improve mobility, and reduce the need for prescription medication. The issue could be a chronic pain, burn damage, or even a torn ACL physical therapy can mend these injuries with sufficient treatment, while painkillers may mask pain, physical therapists operate with the intent to rehabilitate injuries. Severe issues are not the entire ambit of what physical therapy may treat, most relatively minor problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and fibromyalgia can be alleviated through physical therapy. Instead of rushing to the hospital the next time you throw your shoulder or hurt your back check in with a local physical therapist first.
With so many physical therapists located conveniently in Valley Stream, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle without sufficient knowledge of where to locate them. If you intend regular visits it’s better to have a therapist near you, if you live in Valley Stream, Wantagh, Astoria, or Lindenhurst Advance Physical Therapy is local to these areas.. Advance Physical Therapy offers a wide variety of services, if any of these issues apply to you they warrant a visit.