Wantagh Physical Therapist

Physical Therapists in Wantagh provide many services to the community; they help to  improve the lives of people of all ages living with different conditions, illnesses, and injuries. Whether you’re someone who’s avoiding surgery after an accident, injured from playing sports, suffering from arthritis, or having balance issues, physical therapy can help you gain full function of your body safely and efficiently. When you visit your therapist, they will evaluate your condition and design a course of treatment specifically for you.

Physical therapy helps to reduce or eliminate pain with therapeutic exercises and manual therapy as well as techniques like ultrasound, taping, and electrical stimulation. All of these can help reduce and get rid of your pain as well, by restoring muscle and joint function. It is also a good way to avoid surgery. The various techniques of a Wantagh Physical Therapist to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation from an injury which can eliminate the need for surgery if the condition is less severe. Even if you do need surgery, prerehab can make you stronger, helping you to recover faster after your surgery. If you are having issues with balance and motioning, physical therapy can be beneficial toward strengthening strategic muscle groups so that you may proceed with your daily life.

Physical therapy can change your life and improve it in so many ways. If you or family member are ever suffering from any of these conditions or have recently incurred an injury, look no further: We are here to help! Advance Physical Therapy of Wantagh has been serving the Wantagh community for over 20 years. We care about our patients and their well being. We specialize in keeping you moving forward with your life from various conditions and injuries. Visit us on our websites or contact us today!