Lindenhurst Physical Therapist

From a nagging injury to a chronic health condition, physical therapy can be an effective form of treatment. This method can serve a variety of purposes such as improving overall fitness, increase mobility, and alleviate pain. Successful types of physical therapy include coordination, strength, and flexibility depending on the ailment. For health conditions found in adults and children as well as speeding up the recovery process from an injury, you might benefit from physical therapy.

In situations when a team of medical professionals is required, you are likely to find a physical therapist. For conditions that could include, strokes, arthritis or problems in the heart or lung, working with a physical therapist is critical. This individual will identify exercises to approach problems with motion, mobility, and safety. In cases when children are involved, similar issues are addressed. The overall growth and development of the child are also taken into consideration.

If an injury is interrupting your daily routine, you may benefit from being evaluated by a physical therapist. He or she can determine the best possible treatments which could result in decreasing the pain in your soft tissues. In addition to reducing pain, they will give you exercises that can improve the strength of the affected area. If this was brought on by a specific activity, your physical therapist might recommend another way to perform that task that will leave you less prone to an injury.         

If you live in the Lindenhurst area, consider visiting us at Advance Physical Therapy. No matter the injury, we provide each patient with personalized care and make sure that we are meeting their individual needs. Our physical therapists are experienced in several forms of treatments that will help you improve your quality of life. For more information, you can visit us at 910 Route 109 in Lindenhurst, New York or call (631) 546-7838