Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh has been serving the community for over 20 years. We combine the highest quality health care with a personalized approach to your rehabilitation.  We have offices in Buffalo and on Long Island in Valley Stream, Wantagh, and Lindenhurst. Call today to schedule your evaluation.

Did you know you can avoid getting surgery by receiving physical therapy? If you live or work near Wantagh, New York, Advance Physical Therapy is here to serve you. Advance Physical Therapy of Wantagh is located on 3430 Sunrise Highway, Wantagh, NY 11793.

Our professional and highly qualified team of therapists will help you get back to feeling like yourself again during your one-on-one sessions. Whether you are suffering from pain or you have an injury that requires healing, our professionals will create a plan tailored to your individual needs. We offer all kinds of services from arthritis treatments, stroke rehab, gait training, and more.

We look forward to helping and treating our patients with the best service they could possibly receive. We will not give up until you are feeling strong and at your best. Contact us today to make your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you. Here are the services we offer.

  • Orthopedic Rehab
  • Sports Rehab
  • McKenzie Certified
  • Wellness Program
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Fitness Evaluations
  • Work Hardening
  • Stroke Rehab
  • Balance Rehab
  • Gait Training
  • Strength Training
  • Arthritis Treatment
  • Chronic Pain Rehab

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Friday – 7AM–3PM

Saturday – 7:45AM–12PM

Sunday – Closed

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    What Can Physical Therapy Do For You?

    If you have suffered an injury, or want to increase your strength, mobility or flexibility, contact our Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY at Advance Physical Therapy today.

    What is Physical Therapy?

    Physical therapy is the rehabilitation and treatment of injuries, diseases, and other conditions through physical engagement rather than surgical and/or drug treatment. This medical practice is carried out with the use of massage therapy, weight training, and other physical activities that will overtime heal any ailments that you may be enduring. Physical therapy is widely effective due to the nature of one-on-one attention between the patient and the physical therapist. Our expert Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY offers hands-on care to our patients in need as we help to relieve their discomfort.

    What is a Physical Therapist?

    The main role of a physical therapist is promoting quality of life by planning a custom regimen for their patient’s specific needs, without the use of drugs or surgery. They also focus on educating their patients with ways to prevent future injuries and ensure long-term physical health. At our Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY, our staff’s attention to detail and compassion for our patients is what keeps them coming back.

    How Physical Therapy Can Help You

    If you are experiencing any degree of pain in any region of the body, physical therapy most likely can benefit you. Physical therapy is used all around the world to treat many different types of injuries/conditions and can be leveraged by people of all ages and backgrounds. The profession has really made strides into the sports world, having the ability to treat almost any sports-related injury if a surgical procedure is not needed. Rest is needed with many injuries, but it must be followed by physical engagement. It is not sensible to go from a resting period straight back into your normal activities. The body must be taught and re-strengthened to ensure future injuries are avoided and the present injury is healed. Here is a list of some things our Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY can heal:

    • physical therapy in Wantagh, NY

      Back pain

    • Shoulder pain
    • Concussions
    • Cystic fibrosis
    • Cerebral palsy
    • Post ACL surgery
    • Carpal tunnel
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Sprains, tears, ruptures

    Due to the extensive value physical therapy brings to all sorts of injuries and conditions, the benefits vary from patient to patient. Here is a short list of the many benefits physical therapy provides:

    • Increased range of motion
    • Pain relief
    • Increased balance
    • Stronger joints and muscles
    • Knowledge of your body
    • Surgery prevention 
    • Positive mobility
    • Increased confidence 

    Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY

    Physical therapy in Astoria, NY, at Advance Physical Therapy, has over 20 years of experience serving the state of New York.  The physical therapists at Advance Physical Therapy are committed to personalizing a rehabilitation plan that will yield each patient a fast and effective healing process. “Fast, effective treatment-one patient at a time,” is their motto. A motto is something companies embody into their workplace and is a code they live by. If you make the bright choice of booking an appointment at Advance Physical Therapy, rest assure you are going to be in good hands. 

    Treating Rotator Cuff Injuries

    Sports are known to be a great way for individuals to interact with one another and increase their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. However, there are known to be cases where team players can face injuries and be unable to participate. Some of these injuries can include rotator cuff injuries. Fortunately, for anyone who has experienced this type of injury, Advance Physical Therapy specializes in fixing rotator cuff Injuries. 

    Types of Individuals Who are at Risk of a Rotator Cuff Injury

    • Baseball Players: Major League pitchers are subjected to rotator cuff injuries. At some point in their careers, over 50% of baseball players will experience some type of shoulder injury.
    • Tennis Players: These individuals face shoulder bursitis. Bursitis is an inflammation of the Bursa which is a fluid-filled sac. Overuse of rotator cuff muscles can cause the bursa to face inflammation. This can lead to pain whenever the arm is raised.
    • Non-Athletes: Anyone can be at risk of rotator cuff injuries, not just athletes. If certain individuals are engaging in repetitive motion tasks then they are subject to developing rotator cuff tendonitis. In addition, it can cause pain and inflammation which will prevent people from doing basic tasks.

    What does the Rotator Cuff consist of?

    The rotator cuff is made up of four small muscles found on the scapula and on top of the humerus. The job of these muscles which comprise the rotator cuff is to stabilize the “ball in socket” shoulder joint. When muscles are fatigued, they can become impinged between the bones in the shoulder and back and become inflamed. This inflammation can occur within the surrounding tendons as well. At Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY we are well equipped to handle any pain associated with a rotator cuff injury.

    Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

    • Deep Aching Pain- individuals are known to face deep aching pain in the shoulder as well as lack of mobility. 
    • Difficulty to sleep- People find it difficult to sleep on their affected shoulder and their pain can only increase. 
    • A clicking sound when raising the arm 
    • Pain when raising or lowering the arm 
    • Stiffness in or around the injured area

    Where Can You Go To Find Treatment?

    If you are someone that has unfortunately been diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis and needs further assistance to better handle your diagnosis, look no further than Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY.

    Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY

    Here you will receive one on one, individualized care and will “leap out” our doors feeling better than when you came in. Advance PT always focuses on the needs of the individual and will work tirelessly to ensure your recovery process is as seamless as possible. Our services include sports rehab, shoulder pain treatment, and others. Contact Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh today to learn more!