Screen-shot-2010-11-22-at-7.46.04-PMWinter weather is upon us, freezing temperatures and wet environments hint it’s time to evaluate protective cold weather footwear.  Although it may seem obvious that snow and ice are associated with an increased risk of falls, and frigid temperatures increase the risk of frostbite, it may not be as clear as to what types of footwear are best for protecting your feet from winter’s harsh conditions.  You should select boots that have a 3 part system, comparable to that of ski and snowboard boots.  Here are some recommendations for choosing protective winter foot wear:

• Opt for socks and insoles that keep moisture away from the skin to help your feet stay warm.

• Take your gear with you when you try on boots.  Compression stockings and braces should fit comfortably in the boot.

• Select ankle-high boots for extra ankle support.

• Choose boots with a water-repellent and water-resistant shell that will keep your feet dry.

To stay active and keep your feet protected this winter, remember: boot shell + socks & insoles + ankle support.  For more helpful winter tips check out our Facebook page at