One of the most frequently injured regions of the body that is discussed is the shoulder. Due to it’s location and frequent use in many kinds of activities, it is subject to many different kinds of afflictions and impairments. A shoulder can be dislocated, common in many contact sports or simply from lifting something heavy, or something such as rotator cuff disease can be brought on by rheumatoid arthritis. Regardless of the cause, any pain or discomfort in the shoulder should be recognized and analyzed immediately by a physical therapist, so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Many of the common afflictions of the shoulder can be treated by physical therapy, before considering getting surgery, as therapy can help heal them enough. Some of these conditions are separation, where a ligament in the shoulder tears, usually from hard contact with the shoulder. Rotator cuff disease is caused when the bursa, a small pouch of fluid in the shoulder, becomes inflamed. This condition can also be treated with physical therapy, ice, and anti-inflammatories, but if symptoms do not improve, then surgery might be a necessary procedure. The same goes for a rotator cuff tear, resulting from old age or simple overuse. While there are many prior treatment options, surgery is something no one ever wants to go through.

Physical therapy is as non-invasive as possible, and also costs a lot less than surgery. While slight pains and discomforts can be easily overlooked by most people, they can be a lot more than minor pains in the time to come. Seek a physical therapist if you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary with the shoulder, even if it’s a slight reduction in range of motion. Catching a symptom early on can mean a drastic change in the healing process that has to be taken.


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