Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY

Now that summer is approaching, it is important that people of all ages are aware of the safety precautions necessary for staying safe in the water. Whether it be in the ocean at Jones Beach in Wantagh or a pool in someone’s backyard, swimming safety is critical.

If you or your child is new to swimming, swimming lessons with an instructor should be your first step. They will be able to provide you with the individualized attention needed in order to teach you proper form as well as in-person safety demonstrations.

If you or your child are more experienced, it does not mean safety is no longer a priority!  When swimming at the beach, it is imperative to swim in areas that are overseen by lifeguards because they are trained to help in a situation where someone is in danger in the water. With changing water currents and conditions, swimming in an ocean can be very dangerous if unsupervised. Also, pay attention to any specific flags that are displayed. Many beaches will feature a colored flag system whereby swimmers can exercise extra caution as indicated by the flags displayed. If you unsure what a flag color means, asking the lifeguard on duty is your best bet. It is also a good idea to always swim with someone else so that in case of an emergency, the other person can get help.

As a parent, it is crucial to have all of your attention on your children while they are in water, no matter how shallow it may be. Make sure to never leave them unattended and avoid distractions while watching your children. If a child is drowning and under the water for a mere few minutes, it is enough to cause severe life threatening damage. Make sure that inexperienced swimmers are always wearing proper flotation swimwear while they are in the learning stages. Although they are a tool to help keep the swimmer safe, it is still necessary to keep your eyes on your child at all times.

In regards to swimming pools, parents should create rules for all of the family to follow while using the swimming pool including no running in the pool area as well as avoiding horse play while in the pool. Having a secure barrier around the pool like a fence, can also contribute to the overall safeness of the pool.

Although swimming as a form of exercise is accessible year round via indoor pools, for many, summer becomes prime time for utilizing the pool in their exercise regimen. Although swimming is an excellent form of exercise that is non-weight bearing, as it makes it easier for those with issues for example with their knee joints, or arthritis, to get moving. It is important to listen to your body if you are feeling any discomfort when swimming. You might not be utilizing proper form, or you may be on the cusp of a more serious injury.

Visiting a physical therapist will help you hone in on any specific pain issues so that they do not progress.  In addition aquatic therapy can be extremely beneficial for the body but following proper safety procedures and swimming form are crucial.