Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY

When blood flow to a certain area of the brain is cut off, cells begin to die and cannot carry out their normal functions, resulting in a stroke. This leads to a lack of memory, poor muscle control on one side of the body, and a loss of speech and vision. Strokes can happen to anyone at anytime. Everyone is affected differently depending on the severity. More than ⅔ of stroke survivors will suffer some kind of disability, which is why physical therapy is so important in order to improve function and allow the stroke survivor to become as independent as possible in the future.

After a stroke, the victim usually experiences paralysis or loss of muscle function on one side of the body. This makes it extremely difficult for them to live an independent life. A Physical Therapist can help stroke survivors overcome problems with balance and movement, and work with them so that they can regain strength and coordination in order to carry out daily activities.

At Advance Physical Therapy, each patient will get individual care tailored to their unique needs when visiting one of our 4 convenient locations,  3 locations in Nassau and Suffolk County and one in Astoria, NY. Each therapist is experienced as well as certified  including collegially and through advanced certification. Stroke Rehab is a state of the art, specialty service offered; designed to give clients the full and effective treatment needed to make the best recovery possible. Regarded as some of the best physical therapists on Long Island and in the New York Metro area, faithful patients have come to us for their rehabilitation needs for over 20 years

Stroke Rehabilitation should be started as soon as possible and can last for well over a year. It is imperative that the right physical therapy specialists be chosen in order to ensure that stroke victims can find the most effective method for recovery. Advance Physical Therapy has both the professional experience and resources in order to give each individual the best they can for their recovery.

Advance Physical Therapy can be contacted via phone at (516)-568-4444 or email at In addition, they hold offices in Wantagh, Valley Stream, Lindenhurst, and Astoria.