Lower back pain can be a huge obstacle for performing many everyday activities. A first reaction might be to panic and try to schedule a surgery, but fortunately, there are many less invasive alternatives. Physical therapy is a common remedy that can treat and cure many types of lower back pain, and could be the right option for you.

When considering options, remember that physical therapy is as non-invasive as possible. Whatever the underlying cause is, surgery is still an invasive procedure that involves anesthesia and a recovery time. With physical therapy, there is never any of that involved, and patients usually walk out of the practice that day feeling better. There are several methods of physical therapy involved in treating lower back pain. A heating pack can be used before a patient exercises, which can help loosen up the muscles. Icing the muscles afterwards can soothe them, treating the lower back pain. Stretching and exercises can be added based on what the therapist deems necessary for your condition.

The lower back is not something to be overlooked. The lower back is a crucial part in supporting the abdominals as well as the spine. Strengthening these muscles can lessen the pain in the lower back, and it can also lead to less pain in the future. If you decide to get surgery, or if you need it, physical therapy can also help with post-surgical rehabilitation. If you are receiving the top physical care, you are more likely to recover quickly, and to the best of your body’s ability.

Surgery is never a pleasant option. Physical therapy can be a painless, cost-effective, and non-invasive alternative to surgery. Call Advance Physical Therapy today, and see if physical therapy is right for you!


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