Posture is something that is instilled into our minds at a very young age. While we’re quick to dispute the notion, proper posture can go a long way in improving our overall well-being. Patients who work every day in an office environment are especially at risk, as sitting down for a prolonged period can have detrimental effects. For those pondering a solution, Advance Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst, NY can provide several methods for improving our clients’ posture. Please continue reading for helpful tips and information.

How To Sit At Your Desk

For those of us who sit down at a desk every day, we’re at risk for adverse side-effects to our health. This can be altered due to several factors, such as the placements of office tools such as your keyboard, phone, and a stapler. Whatever else you use on a constant basis in your vicinity can affect you more than you realize.  

  • Chair – When selecting the correct chair, you want to analyze your comfort levels along with other measurable aspects. Your feet should be resting comfortably on the floor, and your thighs should parallel to the floor. Likewise, your arms should be resting comfortably on the armrest, taking pressure off your shoulders.  
  • Keyboard and mouse – Your mouse and keyboard should be on the same surface. When using both, keep your arms close to you and your hands at or a little below where you have your elbows. Play around with the mouse sensitivity, so it does not take much effort to move it. Keyboard shortcuts can also be utilized to limit mouse movements, try incorporating them!
  • Phone – If your job requires you to make calls throughout the day frequently, consider using a hands-free device or put your phone on speaker if plausible.
  • Monitor – When using a monitor, make sure the screen is directly in front of you and at an arm’s length away. Remember that the screen needs to be at your eye level as well.

For other tips and information, consider consulting with a specialist for physical therapy in Lindenhurst, NY. Physical therapists can provide you with useful information in all aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   

Benefits of Proper Posture

  • Helps to breathe – Several healthcare practitioners site a strong correlation between proper posture and healthy air flow. Naturally, this can collective improve your health.
  • Aids the digestion system – Proper posture helps the internal organs in the abdominal region to fit in their natural position, without unnecessary pressure. This can improve the system’s regular functions, whereas improper posture can lead to acid reflux, constipation, and hernias.   
  • Improves your state of mind – Perhaps you’re unaware, but proper posture can also improve your mental well-being. It can give you a strong feeling of satisfaction, knowing that your health is being augmented by such a small change in everyday living.

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Proper Posture When Sitting At Your Desk
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Proper Posture When Sitting At Your Desk
Contact our office today if you feel as though change is necessary, whether that involves improved posture or anything of the sort.
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